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FreeCell #11982 - Is It Winnable?

FreeCell game #11982 is unwinnable, it has been proven so by computer solvers.

The game numbers below 1 million that are unwinnable are:

11982, 146692, 186216, 455889, 495505, 512118, 517776, 781948


  • So, based on a sample of a mere 1 million games, FreeCell is 99.92% solvable. 😉

    Gregg 🐵

  • Gregg, I think you're missing a decimal place. I'm thinking Free Cell is 99.992% solvable.😉

  • So I suppose you should actually consider yourself extremely lucky if you discover a new unwinnable one.

  • Oops... I was actually missing two decimals places; the correct figure is actually 99.9992% solvable.

    In any event, it rounds to 100% winnable. 😉

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