- Pretty Good Solitaire


Rated as ...... 3 Decks. Medium (25%). Mostly Skill.

Games 1 - 27 are all winnable, but I've been playing #28 for several days now. Goodness knows how many hours. Getting any score at all with this one is difficult, but can anyone get it into double figures? If so, I'd appreciate your partials. Hopefully you can find an elusive route that has so far escaped me. My top score is 20.


  • I have gotten it into the double digits, but not as high as 20 yet. Here is a partial with score 11 and 2 (tough) deals remaining.

  • Magnus #28 is winnable! I have the victory save (if you need it), but here was my last partial:

  • Thanks Gregg, but I won it late last night. 😊 It was just a war of attrition, and once I breached 20 a few times I was pretty sure I could win it. I doubt if there is another Magnus with such a formidable deal. Being dealt all of those kings from the stock at the end looked impassable for a long time.

    Out of interest, have you recorded any Magnus losers?, (just in case I want to beat myself up again). 😣

  • Forget that request Gregg. 😂 #29 is going to be another stinker.

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