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Double Nester

Game 1133700352 is causing me a lot of trouble the kings and 4s are most inconvenient so it may be impossible but I may be wrong.


  • To win this one would take a lot of forward planning, if indeed it is winnable at all Paul. I got the kings out reasonably quickly, however it created other problems that I'd not anticipated. Any time there is a pair of the same rank built one on top of the other in the same column, it means trouble. Those fours for example. This is not my type of game but I will persevere until I run out of fresh ideas. I will definitely let you know if I am going to admit defeat.

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    That was quick. It is definitely unwinnable Paul. Any time you have three cards of the same rank in the same column will mean that you will always be left with two of them. I was. If you are playing more of these games, check the columns for before you move a card.

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