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New Pretty Good Solitaire for Windows v22.1 with 1070 Games

A new version of Pretty Good Solitaire for Windows is now available!

Version 22.1 is available for download from

Version 22.1 contains 10 new games:

The 10 New Games

Agnes Spider - A version of Agnes Two with some rules from Spider.

Bouquet - a version of Flower Garden with 7 tableau piles.

Closed FreeCell - a variation of FreeCell with face down cards (not an open game).

Demonic Fan - a harder version of Demon Fan.

Dorset - an easier version of Somerset.

Fairbanks - an easier version of Alaska, a Yukon type game.

Four Colours Plus - a version of Four Colours with an extra tableau pile to make it easier.

Hastings - a harder version of the very easy game Fortune's Favor.

Peekaboo - a harder version of Open Peek, an Osmosis type game.

Stop - an extremely difficult to win version of Octagon.


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    I've only just noticed this announcement. 😮😬

    Just dawned on me I'd played them all, and won at least one of each, in the Beta.😖

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