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Klondike winnable

I've played sequentially from game #1 to game #1200. In the course of events I didn't solve a total of 24 games.


2, 14, 79, 90, 246, 283, 363, 365, 504, 510, 539, 575, 613, 637, 676, 696, 845, 901, 968, 1014, 1029, 1030, 1075, 1162

Interested to know the "winnability" of these particular hames


  • When I saw your post Sandie, I thought I'd get a winner or two quite easily. Klondike is a far more skilful game than most people imagine. You definitely know what you're doing. I tried every crafty move imaginable and failed to win any of the first six you posted. Chapeau ! . I will play the remainder today and let you know how I get on. Well done. Richard.

  • I found two that are winnable. Both difficult. I have saved my solutions but I suggest you replay them before you ask for hints re winning them.

    Good luck.

  • That's interesting I've retried all my unsolvable. I found I got 696, too But not 613. How do you save solutions?

  • Oops fat finger. I solved 676, but 696, nor 613

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    It's awkward to upload solutions in the easiest format, hence the palaver.

    These will work in Windows bt you also need a Goodsol product that saves things in .pgs format. I'm using Pretty Good Solitaire.

    Please get back to me if you are running those and I'll explain how you can use them. It's pretty simple even for folk like us with fat fingers.

  • Clicked on the link got a LONG column of 6 numbers/line. I'm totally ignorant of how to decipher the information. I too am using Pretty Good Sol. I truly would appreciate learning this. Like learning a new language

  • Those numbers are all gibberish. Only the software can utilise them.

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    It's so awkward as I need to keep closing my posts to see what you will be seeing.

    Click the box in the post above this one and it will open. You are not interested in any of it part from what will appear in the Search Bar at the top.

    This bit.

    Copy the link at the very top. Now it will get easier.

  • How do I open that link in Good sol or am I missing the point. I right clicked on the link ending ....z12F3.pgs, but a new tab opened and it was the column of numbers.

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    Open Pretty Good Solitaire as normal. It makes no odds what deal appears on your screen. Click on GAME at top left corner. A drop-down menu will appear.

  • If I was closer, I'd hug your neck. I enjoy the game and it's wonderful to have someone patient enuf to teach me even more .

  • You paste the long link you copied earlier into the box I've outlined in red. Then click Open and wait. The game I saved will then load on your screen. At this point you should save a copy and then you can undo and redo to see every move I made.

    To SAVE you just click on GAME at top left and this time select SAVE AS from the drop down menu.

    You can save as many games as you want. To open one just click GAME at top left and select OPEN from the drop down menu. It will let you choose the one that you want.

  • I'm always happy to help Sandie. Just ask. I'm never far away from here.

  • I follow!!! THANK YOU. Now I'll carefully follow and practice

  • Mission accomplished. Lessons learned, and a cyber mentor identified. Have a GREAT day

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    We all bow to SENSEI Richard.😁

    If you are playing Klondike without King Only option and using 1 card deal, #1075 is winnable (and no redeal needed).

  • Ditto for #1030.

  • I played all of them with the Kings Only option checked Larry. It makes it a better game.

    Glad you mastered the little menu for sharing and saving solutions Sandie. It will improve your enjoyment of P.G.S. Larry and I tend to do that by email these days. There is actually an email facility within this forum. If you receive an email with the title of Fat Fingers and Fat Heads it will be from me. I don't even need your email address. Crazy eh?

  • I've sent you an email via the forum's email facility Sandie. If you look up to the right hand corner near your avatar you will see an envelope. Hopefully there will now be a "1" on top of it denoting that a member has contacted you. Just click on the envelope to open it. Reply there so I know you've understood the process. Richard.

  • Larry has pointed out that you and I may be playing different formats of Klondike. I played with Kings Only checked in Options, therefore my partial is unlikely to work if you are playing another type. In addition, if you click the Options tab and scroll down to Rules you'll see that you could also choose to deal three cards at a time, not just one. Nothing is ever simple eh? 😀 Not to worry, we can sort it.🙂

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