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I just played a game of Crown for the last 27 mins and finally got it. Game number is 62559216

Has anyone played that one and how long it took to play that hand? Had so many undos in this one lol

Sure is a tricky game to play with no redeal.


  • 13 minutes. No undos.

    Turn autoplay OFF.

  • CROWN is an easier version of Corona. Rated at Medium (40%) but probably quite a bit higher. Turn Autoplaty off so that you can better control what goes into empty spaces. I probably used worrying-back in all of the ones I played. A very decent game where skilful play is important.

  • I'll have to try it!

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    Once you get your eye in Ken, it's pretty decent. Nobody said it was easy though. 🙂 Two solutions attached to put you on the correct path. Good luck. 😊 Once you get the chance to clear a space don't do it until the card at the top of the waste is one you want.

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    I always had the autoplay off in all the games I play and I haven been pretty careful what would go in the empty space by trying to put the lower cards in instead of the higher cards. Just went too fast in that hand and messed up a bit.

  • Cool. Autoplay often makes bad decisions. We always keep it off.

    BTW, with #62559216 I did use Undo in the 13 minute win. I then replayed it without using it. VERY difficult.

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