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Family Plot

I've taken a shine to this game. It is rated as  Hard (5%). Skill/luck balanced. In actual fact you could expect to win in excess of 60%

Unlike its big brother The Plot you can often remove many (or in this case all) of the cards from the Reserve pile before you've really got started.

It is occasionally even possible to win the game without using the redeal. This is a fun game to play and I urge you to try it.



  • I already cleared my statistic for this game a couple years ago or so (I have a habit of doing that in games I have as a favorite, not sure why ) but originally had won about 10 games in a row without starting a new (I would click next instead of new) one.

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    I prefer to play games in numerical order because that ensures I don't skip any bad looking deals. Doing that would definitely improve my stats, but I never bother with those anyway. I too often clear my game stats for no other reason other than to start with a clean sheet.

    I completed playing Family Plot Nos. 1 - 100 yesterday. 77% win rate. My stats show that my best run of winners is numbers 86 - 100 , a run of 15. Looks like I'll have to play from #101 upwards until I hit a loser. 😋

    Sod's Law ..... #101 is a loser.

  • Richard, I know you love playing games that are other people's losers and can try for hours by trying different combinations but even though Family Plot is an enjoyable game and I've played hundreds back in the day, once you're in the Family Plot groove, it doesn't take much play to find the roadblock to the losers.

    (Longest sentence in PGS history?)

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    (above) Shortest sentence Ken. 😂 Losers are very thin on the ground. Which ones were you talking about? 77% of first 100 are winnable.

  • I guess I was saying that losers, even though they are few and far between, are easily identifiable. Whereas other games you could play them for days and still not know if it is unwinnable or not for sure...

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    Yes, I'd totally agree with that Ken. Every deal I've not won in FP is definitely unwinnable. However you have to completely empty the stock and the waste first. Occasionally I found that I'd to make counter-intuitive moves and place base cards into the tableau and build down onto them. This is only possible after the initial foundation suit has been completed. The software won't allow it. Using this tactic has enabled me to win a few that would have been impossible otherwise.

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