- Pretty Good Solitaire

not won

Im at 998 after starting over


  • What game?

  • Just jumping around. I lost my records from years ago

  • >Im at 998 after starting over

    Is that 998 games won, or 998 games left to win?

    (... and welcome back.)

    Gregg 🐵

  • Yet to win. I may have an old one on cd somewhere (record from old) but havent played much in a while so I kinda want to remind myself of the game.

    Thanks for remembering me:)

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    How could we ever forget the man who won Picture Patience Ken? I doubt if anyone has ever won another. Here is your masterpiece.


  • Thanks Richard. I was actually trying to remember the name of that game.

  • can you remind me how to save games. I know how to load still in my advanced years

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    This should do the trick for you Ken. If not, just holler.

  • Thanks, got that. I need to save the one from the forum:)

  • im playing Panther now. I have the top three spots:) Havent won yet after several tries

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    You are a master of ambiguity Ken.

    Perhaps the easiest way is just to click on the solution and it will download. By default it will save it to "Downloads". You could then drag it onto your desktop from there or just open it in Downloads.

    That is just a modified image of the third one I posted above. As long as you know where the file has been downloaded to you can point to it and open it from within PGS. as illustrated.

    If you downloaded it to Downloads, you'd click on that and it will open up and expose things that you have previously downloaded. When you locate the correct file just click on it.

  • if i click on the file it just opens. I seem to remember this

  • Ken, you still haven't answered our question of where have you been? Did you just got bored of playing PGS and stopped playing? (Say it isn't so, Joe...)

  • Things have changed KenB, We used to click on uploaded solutions and the following would appear.

    That doesn't happen now. Have you tried the method I uploaded all of the pictures for?

  • I pasted to note pad and renamed it. worked fine

    Herky, things just happen. No not tired of it.

  • 981 left but got picture patience off the list

  • I remember in the old forum you could find hundreds of winning numbers. The harder games all had their own threads.

  • You could always try letting us know what you're looking for. 😊

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