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Demons and Thieves 52989

I have been playing this game for many almost twenty years and have won 98.66 percent of the games so far - sometimes replaying a couple of times. However, when I got to game 52989 I tried several times and not only did I now solve it, I never got more than a few cards played. Gave up but just curious if anyone has won it.


  • Just playing it now Denny. It WILL be winnable I guarantee. I used to play D&T decades ago and replayed quite a few so that I could maintain my record of always winning them on the first deal. This one likely to take two.

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    As predicted. It's winnable without using the final re-deal. I used to love this game and actually got too good at it because I'd devised winning strategies that perhaps you've never even thought of.

    You probably don't know how to use my attached solution but I'll be happy to teach you how to. It's not particularly difficult to master. It will be easier if you are using Windows and playing Pretty Good Solitaire.

    Let me know please.


  • In the forlorn hope that anyone, particularly Dennydavis, is even remotely interested in the answer to the question asked he asked, whether or not #52989 is winnable ........ the resounding answer is not only a yes, but a resounding YES.

    It is winnable without using either of the TWO remaining re-deals. It took me about 15 minutes to win it the most difficult way.

    I doubt if there is a single Demons & Thieves that is unwinnable. Prove me wrong !!

  • Was this song written about you, Richard??

  • No doubt about it Ken, it should have been. That's perfectly obvious. Ballads will be written about me and I'll become the stuff of legends.

    Did you attempt the game in this thread?  Easy (96%). Mostly ALL Skill. I'd be interested to learn how you got on. I could post a few loads of partials for you.😂


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