- Pretty Good Solitaire

New Pretty Good Solitaire for Windows v22.2 with 1080 Games

A new version of Pretty Good Solitaire for Windows is now available!

Version 22.2 is available for download from

Version 22.2 contains 10 new games:

Acquaintance Three- A version of the popular game Acquaintance with 3 redeals instead of 2, making it easier.

Alternating FreeCell - a version of FreeCell with alternating face down and face up cards, taking it from an open game where all cards are visible to a game with some cards unknown.

Australian Rush - a variation of Australian Patience with Gold Rush style redeals, making the game somewhat easier.

Cathetus - an easier version of the challenging game Hypotenuse.

Dominion Cell- the game Dominion with an added cell. This game may still be very difficult.

Double Athena - a 2 deck version of the Klondike type game Athena.

Gargantua Rush- a version of the 2 deck Klondike type game Gargantua with Gold Rush style redeals.

Nine by Three - A FreeCell type game with 9 tableau piles and 3 cells.

Penumbra - an easier version of Eclipse.

Yukon Twist - a version of Russian Twist with alternate color building.




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