- Pretty Good Solitaire


Something odd happened today after the update. My Stats for Persimmon disappeared. I wonder what happened?


  • Maybe Lemon & Pineapple got jealous?

  • Did you check that they are not under an alternative username Mike?

  • Not under a different user name.

  • Now I can't even win hand #1.

  • I didn't win 1,2 or 3 Mike. I did a whole lot better after them though. ☺️

  • I thought you had won them. Wrong again Mike.

  • I found my stats. The game wasn't showing in most played. But once I opened the stats when in the game. The stats showed up in the most played section. Very odd.

  • "Very odd"? Don't say things like that about yourself Mike.😂

    Glad you found them. I appear to have saved loads of Persimmons, so if you need any help just ask.

  • I'm sure you solved many more than I did. I like the game. But I just get tired of it easily.

  • I dont see this game? Is it only for the anointed?

  • Persimmon is a game in the new version 20 that will be released next Sunday.

  • thanks

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