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New Pretty Good Solitaire for Windows v20.1 with 1040 Games

A new version of Pretty Good Solitaire for WIndows is available.

Download version 20.1 with 1040 games (10 new) at

Full details of the new version are at


  • No red flag that time Tom. 😊

  • I'm FINALLY getting around to playing the new games. I just played Unlimited Alternative and won the first game. But I noticed this in the help file:


    Unlimited Alternation is a variation of Alternations."

    What should the name be? It is definitely an alternative to the games of Unlimited and Alternations but Unlimited Alternation is also a mash-up of Unlimited and Alternations (but if that is the name you were going with, I would suggest the name should be Unlimited AlternationS since Alternation is an entirely different game)


  • How about Unlimited Altercations Ken. 😁

  • We already have that here in the US!

  • Don't we all? 😄

  • In the io games game Solitaire is also popular with many people.

  • What is the gameplay for the new game Rerun?

  • >What is the gameplay for the new game Rerun?

    Rerun is a variation of Linus where tableau building is by differing suit (instead of alternating color).

    Bonus points for understanding the naming. 😉

    (Rerun will be in the next batch of new games for the Mac Edition, but don't tell anybody. 😀)

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