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Japanese Rug

Any winning numbers for Japanese Rug? Rules show 50% (same as Crazy Quilt), but there is no building on the waste allowed so % will be much lower.


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    There is an error in the rules for Japanese Quilt Larry.

    Sorry, no saved games for either in this computer

  • So my strategy is to cherry-pick games that have Queens and Twos on the outside edge, and Kings in the center. So far with well over 100 played, no success.

  • You're not well Larry. 😏

    I expect that you'll have noticed that you can move cards between Foundations, but it's rarely much help. Anyway, count me out. ☺️

  • It's a visual challenge even for me, so I understand your opting out. If you could put it on a big screen, perhaps it would be easier.

  • I think I will add Japanese Rug to the "implausible 6" (Block, British Canister, Forwards and Backwards, Kings and Aces, Queens and Jacks, and Robert).

  • I have to take issue with you re your implausible 6 Larry. Some people do remarkably well in winning even the most difficult games. Admittedly usually a select few. 😊

    You can't argue with facts. πŸ˜…

  • Unless, of course, it's FAKE NEWS.

  • Several people have told me that they actually miss Donald Trump. There is surely a sit-com he could be cast in. I'd watch it. 😊

  • Lifestyles of the Supposedly Rich and Famous.

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    I will still try to cherry-pick some Japanese Rugs and hope to find a winner until my patience wears out.

  • OK, here is one with possibility.

  • It's a (Post) Christmas miracle.

  • Well done Larry. Your patience held out far longer than my eyesight. 😊

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