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Sea Towers Game #49907753

I have received a request by email as to whether Sea Towers Game #49907753 is winnable.

Since nearly every Sea Towers game is winnable, it probably is. But there are unwinnable ones.



  • Winnable👍

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    With Kings Only checked I found it difficult .

  • Pardon my newbieness, but how do I decipher that attached code?

  • Hi Randy, The simple answer is that you don't. 😊 That's the software's job. First off I'd need to know if you are running Windows and also which Goodsol solitaire collection you use. Some save games as .pgs and some .goodsol. It is handy if you know how to do that as you have just discovered. There are ways I can work round such obstacles though. .

    Look back to this post later. I have a plan 😊

  • Windows 10. This is a 2004 copyrighted disc. Free Cell Wizard

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    That should do the trick Randy. Download my video. Your game wasn't as difficult as I first thought, but getting the correct opening sequence of moves took me quite a while. I've not played Sea Towers for a long time though.

    It would still be a good idea if you learned how to save and open uploaded solutions. It's not difficult.


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    Hi Randy. Ta for info.

    Please let me know how you fare with these two videos. I normally try to explain this process by screenshots. This is the first video attempt.

    Basically, to save a game, you click on "Game" at top lhs of your screen and select Save as from the menu that appears.

    It will remain there for as long as you want, and you can open it (and any other saved game) any time you choose.

    Same process as previously. Select "Game" top lhs and select Open for which ever saved game you want.

  • Any problems, just ask. 😊

  • Okay now I feel like a dumbass. (Common, not to worry) The game is 49906753. I watched the videos and thought that there might be different games numbered. No, I screwed up the game number from the start. No wonder I can't get there from here.

  • Brilliant. 😃You are mot in the minority round here, I can assure you. 😊

    My current opinion about #49906753 is that it is unwinnable with the Kings Only option checked. Fingers crossed that Lars will arrive at the same conclusion.

  • Thanks, Richard. I am not skilled to the point of kings only, yet. I would see the value in Goodsol developing a "hide two cards until you need them" option. 😉

  • Randy, I think your game is one of the very rare unwinnable Sea Towers. It pains me to say it buy my best score appears to be just four, and that is with Kings Only unchecked. I have emailed Larry (Lars) to ask if he agrees. I'm sure he will.

    I always advise people to play the games that they enjoy. Some people get the most pleasure from playing games that are practically 100% winnable. A few, like me get our kicks by playing games in the hard and very hard categories, and just winning one game in a hundred or so. There is absolutely no need to play Sea Towers with Kings Only selected. Who cares anyway? Just play it for fun. If you get into difficulties, members here will do their best to help you. Don't be a stranger. 😊

  • Larry has agreed that your game is a dead duck Randy. There is zero chance of us both being wrong.

  • Thanks for the back up. There goes my 100% win rate. Dang.😁

  • How big a run was it?

  • Only 134 because I am an Anteres addict, first. Thousands. Here is a twist for you, the next game that came up is also unwinnable. At least by me. 580662401 and yes I double checked the number.

  • Ha! That's amazing. No joy from me either. Btw, you are under no obligation to play the deals that show up randomly. Many people just skip the ugliest looking ones and only play decent ones.

  • Any day you don't learn something is a day wasted. I thought that by selecting "new game" it counted as a loss. What are the odds of two unwinnables showing up in a random row?

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    The odds are either massive or the game is more difficult that the stats posted online would suggest. I know that some people play their games under one user name to test whether or not they are winnable. Then they "replay" the winners under their main username using the solution they have saved for them. Guarantees a 100% win rate. As my dear mother used to say "Paper takes on anything". I'm sure Mr.Trump would have a name for it I suspect. 😉

    You must play at least one card from a deal before it will register as a loser.

    Another tip for you. Avoid making mistakes if requesting a particular game number. If you have it active on your screen you can just click on select game and copy the number from that window. Then just close that little window and you will have affected nothing else.

  • I calculate the odds of two consecutive losers at 1 in 2500. Sea Towers win rate is about 98%, so two losers in a row would be .02 x .02 = .0004 or 1/2500 (not all that unlikely).

  • There are 9900 combinations of two cards in a hundred Larry but only 99 consecutive pairs of them. Would that not mean that you are a hundred times more likely to get two non consecutive losers regardless of any difficulty rating? 😕 I need to lie down. 😊

  • I think my odds are for two consecutive losing Seahaven Towers GAMES, not pairs of cards.

  • If you shot 100 elephants chosen randomly, and you normally average 98 kills from a hundred, the chances of you missing twice consecutively is entirely your own fault. Should have gone to Specsavers. 😎

  • Let's make that more elephant friendly and say you were shooting paintballs to mark them for future identification.

  • I guess my idea is a real thing.

  • Or we could chuck Marula fruit at them. Member Sue P (ex South Africa) sent me the attached clip just before Christmas. I'd bought a bottle of Amarula as a present for Liz and had asked Sue if she'd heard of it (as I hadn't). It is very nice stuff btw, treat yourself.

    Even a blind man couldn't miss that with a paintball, and he'd need to be totally sloshed to miss it twice. 😃

  • We've watched the deer on our property stagger after they've partaken of the smashed pumpkins that have fermented. Funny for us to watch, probably not so much for them. At least they aren't mean drunks.

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    Were they Stag-gering around? 😁 Did any fall on their beHinds 😁

  • You would think they Gnu better?

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