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Strategy for Rouge et Noir

I've been wanting to try Rouge et Noir but can't seem to get any solved. Feeling pretty dumb! Surely I am missing something. Do you build UP the left piles at all before you have some of the right piles complete?


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    I gave up playing it after a few times (kept clearing the statistic).....only won a few games (not in a row). You want to get the deeper piles worked if you can, which is hard to do. I tried.

    If there was to be a easier variation of the game down the road, it would be fill empty space with any cards/group of cards.

    I had tried Royal help either. If there was to be redeal version of the game down the road, could help.

    If your still frustrated with it, I suggest you try Lady Cadogan and Easy Diavolo....very good games. I haven't lost a game in those two yet.

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    The 4 right most foundation piles are not built a card at a time as in most games. You build entire 13 card sequences in the tableau, then move the entire sequence up to the foundations at once (as in Spider type games). So 4 piles are built one card at a time and 4 piles are built as 13 card sequences. (Posted by Thomas Warfield back in 2003).

    In 2008 I won games, 1,2,3 and 6. I also know that #5 is winnable. My solutions for them were in an older computer. R&N is not an easy game. It is a game of trial and error. Play a deal and examine the final tableau. From that you may be able to work out where you could have made alternative moves that may have been superior. I would expect to win one in an average time of 30 minutes or so. I won game #3 in 11 minutes so that is the deal I think you should concentrate on. Don't give up. We'd all still be using horses to get from A to B if inventors had given up trying to create the first car.


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    Okay, I have now played and won #3 again. If you are running Windows I could upload my solution and talk you through it.

    My tactics are to get four aces onto the leftmost foundations asap. Then I try to build them up gradually. Do not allow one foundation to race in front of another one. Try to keep them with about the same number of cards in each. This is not always possible so I tend to leave playable cards in the tableau rather than play them up onto the foundations if they would be making any foundation too long. Conversely, it is okay to have a black foundation with six or seven cards in it provided you have a red one containing the same numbers. Try to maintain a balance.

    In the tableau, keep moving cards from one column to another and build as many cards as possible down by alternate colour. If you can create one from king down to ace, move it immediately up onto a foundation. Having fewer cards in the tableau makes it easier to make other productive columns. Always put any playable kings into empty spaces.

    Don't give up. You CAN do it.

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    Nan, I have made a movie of game #3. Sorry about the speed. If it was any slower it would have been too large to upload.

    (I still have a .pgs solution if anyone would prefer).

  • I see that in this game you do indeed build up on the left before the right. It stopped before completing the game but I'm assuming you were able to complete it.

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    I just left a few straight-forward moves for you to play. Everything in the tableau was left in the in the correct descending order and the blocks only had to be put onto one another and removed to the foundations.

  • Thanks so much for the recommendations. I will get around to them in the coming days.

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