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FreeCell Duplex or FreeCell Twice...which one you prefer more or keep both?

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Which of these 2 deck versions of FreeCell would you guys stick with and play the most?

Or would you keep both as favorite for the fun of it?

Twice is still very winnable like Duplex since with 2 fewer cells than Duplex.

I'm deciding if I should keep both or just stick with Duplex or Twice.


  • I don't like either one!

  • Both far too easy.

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    Yeah, they are. In the rule page for Twice...difficulty is Easy (90%), should have been Very Easy (95% or 98%). Its barely harder than Duplex. I don't really need both but maybe keep one of them (perhaps Twice). If I was to ditch both, I'll go back to Double FreeCell (and the other Doubles in the FreeCell type).

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