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Is it winable

I've been stuck for 3 days on freecell 695986944. I'm not looking for a solution, but has anyone won this game?



  • Yes it is winnable Andy. I won it just now in about 10 minutes. I have saved my solution. How would you like a couple of clues to get you off to a good start?😊

  • If it's winable and I believe they all are, let me play with it a bit longer. If I can't do it, I'll get back with you. Thanks

  • They are not all winnable Andy, just 99.99% That is a known fact. #11982 is the smallest unwinnable one. Obviously even some of the winnable ones can still be extremely difficult,

  • Richard if you could give me the first 4 moves, I'll keep trying. Thanks

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    Hi Andy,

    This was not an easy game. Never lose sight of the fact that you are supposed to be having fun. Don't frustrate yourself by battering away at a game needlessly. People like myself have been honing our skills for decades, and we have developed strategies for tackling a wide variety of games. Asking for clues is poles apart from asking for a complete solution.

    I looked at the tableau for your game and quickly decided that getting the ace of diamonds out first could be where to start as the 2,3 and 4 of diamonds are pretty accessible. Those are your target cards. In my attachment you'll see that I freed the ace. I then returned the eight of hearts into the tableau. A critical move that you will have to make soon is to put the 10D onto the JS. Very easy to overlook.

    Good luck. You are not out of the woods by a long chalk. 😊

  • Richard, thanks again. I actually commpleted it today without seeing your hints. I'm not sure if I followed your lead, but don't ask me what it was. It just worked. Enjoy the day. Another game I enjoy is Sea Towers. Another freecell type game that you have to think ahead your moves. Thanks again.

  • Glad you're no longer stuck on that Freecell deal Andy. I used to play Sea Towers back in the day but now Corona (the game) has taken over my life. Help is always at hand here. Collectively we very rarely fail. 😊

  • Anybody have a winning Kingsley # and a winning Double Kingsley #?

    Triple Kingsley was super easy. I won it on my first try. THANKS!

  • Kingsley #1729443840

    Double Kingsley #2138191743

  • Glad Larry had a Double Kingsley. I hate tableaux where you have to build up.

  • Thanks, Larry. I’ll try them out.

  • Larry, both yours and Richard's winning #'s for Kingsley were pretty straightforward but that Double Kingsley # took a little bit of thought but I eventually got it. Thanks you guys!

    P.S. I'm surprised I needed your help because looking at the stats for DK, I'm #2 in the standings from 9 years ago. I really am getting old!😥

  • I don't think that many people would play either of those games for long, other than to knock them off of their Not Won list. The person in the table above you must be a very, very, very lucky guy. Over 96% !!! It's only because it would demote you to #3 that I've decided not to enter a superior score. 😮

  • What a thoughtful guy you are, Richard!

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    Aint that the truth? 😅

    You could always rearrange those words. 😁

  • What about a winning Interchange #? I think somebody posted 7744 but I don't see how that is winnable without worrying back. Interchange does not permit that unlike Forty Thieves.

  • Bumping to new thread Ken.

  • Richard, I know this one will be child's play for you, but how about House on the Hill 1190029952

    No matter how many times I play it, I can't bring it home. My best score is 102 (numerous different ways...)

  • Sorry Ken. I've not got enough time to play it any more. We have a new suite arriving this morning and there is loads to do before it arrives. First attempts also scored 102. May not be winnable. Will try again later.

  • That's ok. Nice to know that I'm not the only one who can't bring it home. I don't think I've ever had a losing hand in ANYTHING with a score of 102!😫

  • How about McClellan 1708324479? My best score is 68.

  • I think you have maxed it out with 68 Ken. Not sure if I reached that as I kept undoing and redoing it. Abandoned it at 66.

    #7 and #16 are the only winnable ones I appear to have.


  • Thanks for checking!

  • Anybody have a winning # for Mrs Four?

  • Nos. 1,2 and 5 are winnable Ken. If I could be bothered I think I could maybe win 3 and 4.

  • Hi.

    I have struggle for ages with freecell game number 11982.

    Is it winnable?

    It is the only one I can't win in the first 32,000 games.


  • Hi Richard

    I just read your reply on 30 July saying that game11982 is unwinnable. So please ignore my previous comment. That's a relief I thought that game had me beat.


  • >I just read your reply on 30 July saying that game11982 is unwinnable. So please ignore my previous comment. That's a relief I thought that game had me beat.

    Fortunately, you have more than 100,000 deals to go until you reach the second unwinnable one: FreeCell #146692. 😉

  • is Algiers game 2222 winnable I have won over 2000 games but this could be a first loser

    Thanks Paul

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