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Demons & Thieves 630066368

Demons & Thieves 630066368

Is it winnable


  • Yes, Demons & Thieves #630066368 is winnable, but it is not easy.

    I started by moving the 7S onto the 8S, and then the JD (reserve) onto the QC. After that, I worked the left side of the tableau, keeping the space as much as possible, never touching the reserve again until the last time through the stock. I did need to make at least a couple of "odd" moves, where a sequence moves from a side of the tableau where it is legal to the other (where it isn't).

    I saved the game (in Windows) just prior to the victory, so I can post it if you need further assistance. (If you need Mac instead, then I can recreate it there; if you need it for iPad/iPhone, I will see what I can do. 😉)

    Gregg 🐵

  • Yes it is winnable. I haven't played this game for years but I became very good at it back in the day. I tried to win them all with re-deals left unused. This was the worst one I've ever encountered. I used every trick in the book. Attaching my solution in case you know how to use them. Please get back to me in this thread and we will take it from there. Are you using Windows and what solitaire collection are you using.

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