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    Having failed umpteen times I decided to go way off piste for a change. Far from obvious route but successful none the less Very tricky game. Your score was exceptional.

    Since the recent update you can worry back from the foundations into the tableau btw.

  • Nice to know it wasn't just me! THANKS!

  • FINALLY got done with the 600's! Larry, can you post the losers for the 700's?


  • I copied this from an email from Larry, Ken. It will probably suffice meantime.

    705 42W28

    707 54W15

    717 27W37

    718 57W21

    727 47W27

    744 48W28

    745 38W32

    748 40W31

    750 42W34

  • Filling out the rest:

    751 47W29

    752 51W27

    755 38W31

    758 24W39

    784 46W11

    #785 starts a win streak of 44 to #828.

  • Thanks you guys!

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    Does anybody have a partial for 712? I can get it to 61. I can't seem to get the 2C into play or should I be concentrating my efforts elsewhere?

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    I'd no partials Ken. Probably one of Larry's group. I found it difficult. Games where cards of the same suit are in the tableau built up rather than down, present problems that can be difficult to resolve. A couple in this deal proved my undoing for quite some time. Your 2C was under one of those.

    Incidentally, Larry and I decided not to accept worrying back from the foundations into the tableau, but there is no reason why you shouldn't do so if you wish. Of course we would just mock you .... relentlessly ..... for quite some time afterwards. Only joking. It's a game. Enjoy it any way you choose. You'd be playing within the rules.

  • Thanks, Richard, your 1st partial worked like a charm!

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