- Pretty Good Solitaire

Corona .... (Not the virus)



  • Goodbye, Richard, Queen of Corona

    Singing me & Mike down by the Schoolyard...

  • My name is OzymandiasKING of kings: Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!” 

  • Have you ever watched "Breaking Bad"?

  • Breaking Bad = Netflix = No.

  • Too bad. It's a GREAT show and one of the most famous episodes was entitled, "Ozymandias".

  • Yes Ken, so I've heard. As usual, I'm trying to catch up with other shows and films. Some will be taken down after they've been available for a set time, so completing boxes sets I'm half way through is prioritised. I get the TV to myself from 9pm. onward. That's why I'm seldom bedded before midnight.. Apparently "Breaking bad" is available in its entirety on Spike, one of our Freeview channels but I can't see me having the time. Thanks anyway. I watched a bizarre movie the other night called "Handmaiden", a subtitled Korean/Japanese production. Unlikely you'll be able to find it but if you can, do. 😊

  • It's on Amazon Prime. I'll have to check it out. IMDB said the movie references "OldBoy". See if you can find that movie. (The Japanese movie, not the remake...)

  • I've seen that film twice ! You'll love it. 😊

  • You saw what film twice? The Handmaiden? Have you seen OldBoy? I have and I LOVED it! What a twisted movie...

  • I've seen OldBoy twice. Handmaiden once.

  • I also LOVED OldBoy! I never guessed the ending!!

  • Richard, how about 244? This one is especially frustrating because I can get TWO open spaces right away.


  • Awkward despite what looked like a perfect start.


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