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It is that time again for new game suggestions for the next version.

If you have any ideas for variations of existing games that you would like to see or even completely new games, post them here!


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    I wonder if there is enough tableau room for a 2 deck version of Gaps (or Montana), or perhaps Chinese Gaps (with 2 decks).

    Comparing MahJongg Gaps (in Pretty Good MahJongg) with (standard) Gaps (in PGS), I find that I really like having the extra choices for each move.

    Perhaps we could have a version of Free Fan where spaces cannot be filled. (This was actually the way the game was originally intended, and the way I played it myself for a while. :) )
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    How about Malmaison with a redeal? The original is pretty good but too difficult to win regularly. Name suggestion Bonmaison.
    I still fancy the idea of Block with 14 piles instead of 12. As it would be easier it could be a BreezeBlock. Ha!
    British Canister with two storage cells could be Scottish Canister.
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    I would like to see another game in the style of Tuxedo (my favorite) and Penguin. What I don't want is another game like Block which I still say is impossible to win except with the universal number. >:p
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    Kathy, We MUST have difficult games. Some players prefer them. In fact some players would say the opposite of you and say that we should have no more easy games because they are almost always winnable. There has to be something for everybody. We have almost 800 games. Just play the ones you like.
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    To illustrate my point......Block IS popular with some players.
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    Difficult, yes. Impossible, no. I figure if you can't win it, Richard, no one can.
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    Some people climb Everest. Even if I was young and fit I wouldn't ever attempt it. I don't doubt that Block is winnable, but skill plays only a minute part in it. Since it is practically all luck, you have as much chance as everybody else. I admit I find it quite boring, except when the occasional good hand pops up. Then I dare to hope that this will be the number that finally puts it to the sword.
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    Gaps/Montana as described in an e-mail sent on 03 04 2009.
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    Thanks for the suggestions, everyone, I have many of these down for possible inclusion.

    Trisha, I can't seem to find that email, can you re-send it to me?
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    Have re-sent e-mail.
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    I mentioned a concept for a game quite some time ago. Anything along these lines. 4 decks. Several tableau piles. Build down in suit until an entire suit is built. Instead of this suit being removed completely as is always the case in this style of game I would envisage it being shuffled back into the remainder of the stock. The idea would be to achieve the highest possible score, ie, winning a game would not be possible. 13 points would be scored for every suit removed. Players would just abandon the game when he/she thought it was deadlocked.
    I don't know if this type of game is even possible for you to create, but it would be interesting to play.
    While you are contemplating new games and the work that this would entail, there is one single thing that you could do to make a lot of people very happy. Slightly decrease the maximum permissible number in the "Select" box for all games.
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    Good idea. I know that would make me happy. BTW, Thomas, why is there an unsuffled deck (or universal number) anyway?
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    How about Block with a cell that will accept kings only? They are the most troublesome cards. We sometimes see three or four of them covering twos and threes. Being able to move these kings out of the road would be a massive advantage. Would we want to limit the number of kings the cell would accept? Probably not.
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    I think Unblock would be a good addition. When you find a card that is unplayable you get to drop a nuke on it and destroy it.
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    And in the background the Gap Band is playing "You Dropped a Bomb on Me"!
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    Some comments on game suggestions as I work on the new games:

    1) The suggested game of Malmaison with a redeal is actually the existing game "Rueil". But a game with 2 redeals also makes sense, so I have created Bonmaison as Malmaison with 2 redeals. This gives a set of 3 games, Malmaision (hard), Rueil (medium), and Bonmaison (easy).

    2) The suggested game of British Canister with 2 cells is the game "Two Cells" (FreeCell w/ only 2 cells). But a variation of American Canister with 2 cells makes sense as what would also be a variation of Two Cells, a game that is Two Cells with unlimited group moving, thus making it somewhat easier than Two Cells. So I have created Scottish Canister as Two Cells with unlimited group moving, or American Canister with 2 cells. This makes Scottish Canister more closely related to American Canister than British Canister :) and fits in as a bridge between the FreeCell games and the Canister games.

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    Thomas, I should have checked for variants of the games I suggested. It appears that you've got it sorted out properly despite that.

    Alhambra is one of those very difficult games where you can often get quite close to a winner. Actually winning one is a different matter. A good variation would be with one storage cell that accepts a single card only.
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    We all know that Frog is Paul Forsdick's favourite game. Ha! It could be made even more popular if single cards already on the waste piles could be moved onto other piles with the proviso that this would only be permissible if the card was lower in rank than the one it was being moved onto.
    The existing Frog could be improved leaps and bounds if the number of cards in the Reserve was halved, or split into two Reserve piles. Suggested name...Hopscotch.
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    Thomas, don't you have any suggestions as to how to make Block winnable? I know I should just forget about it, but it's really got under my skin, especially since we'll never know what the winning number was that a certain member won.
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    Kathy, I've got no suggestions beyond anything that has already been in the threads here about Block.
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    How about something completely new?
    A two deck game. Eight foundations.
    Foundations are dealt at random and could theoretically be 8 cards of different values.
    Tableau.......Face up, 8 cards dealt at random. No building.
    Stock........Face down.
    Rules........Move cards from tableau to foundations in descending alternate colour order. Spaces in tableau are filled automatically from stock.
    At the start of the game ONLY, the foundation cards can be moved (if the player so desires) onto one another if they are in descending alternate colour order. Wrapping allowed. Single card moves only. Spaces would be filled automatically from the stock. As soon as any card is moved from the tableau to the foundations, no further movement of cards between foundation piles would be allowed. Foundations may contain any number of cards.
    Object of the game is to move every card onto the foundations. Suggested name....Belhaven
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    This idea might be difficult or practically impossible to program.
    1 deck..........Name...... Have A Heart
    Tableau......6 columns of 8 1 pile containing just the aces.
    Waste pile empty at start.
    Column 1 contains just kings and queens
    Column 2 contains just jacks and tens .....and so on antil everything is dealt.
    Play would commence with selecting the King of Hearts in the first column together with the Queen of Hearts if it is adjacent vertically. Discard to waste. Cell where card or cards were removed would be blacked out. Game cannot proceed until king and queen have been removed. Shuffle if required. Twelve shuffles allowed in entire game. (I envisage all the cards being shuffled, not just the column you are actually playing, although it would make little difference).
    Play continues. You now have to get a jack of hearts adjacent horizontally to one of your previously blacked out cells. Cards going onto the waste have to be in descending order so you must find a playable jack first and hopefully a ten at the same time. Shuffle if need be until you get both.
    It could happen that you just get the jack and then shuffle. In an instance like this a playable ten could be either above or below the blacked out cell in the column you are playing..
    Play continues through the columns as previously described until you have a waste pile topped by the two of hearts. Hopefully you will have sufficient shuffles left to bring an ace of hearts to the top of the aces pile.
    Play it onto the two and you now Have A Heart.
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