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  • If you shot 100 elephants chosen randomly, and you normally average 98 kills from a hundred, the chances of you missing twice consecutively is entirely your own fault. Should have gone to Specsavers. 😎
  • There are 9900 combinations of two cards in a hundred Larry but only 99 consecutive pairs of them. Would that not mean that you are a hundred times more likely to get two non consecutive losers regardless of any difficulty rating? 😕 I need to lie d…
  • The odds are either massive or the game is more difficult that the stats posted online would suggest. I know that some people play their games under one user name to test whether or not they are winnable. Then they "replay" the winners und…
  • Ha! That's amazing. No joy from me either. Btw, you are under no obligation to play the deals that show up randomly. Many people just skip the ugliest looking ones and only play decent ones.
  • How big a run was it?
  • Larry has agreed that your game is a dead duck Randy. There is zero chance of us both being wrong.
  • Randy, I think your game is one of the very rare unwinnable Sea Towers. It pains me to say it buy my best score appears to be just four, and that is with Kings Only unchecked. I have emailed Larry (Lars) to ask if he agrees. I'm sure he will. I alwa…
  • Brilliant. 😃You are mot in the minority round here, I can assure you. 😊 My current opinion about #49906753 is that it is unwinnable with the Kings Only option checked. Fingers crossed that Lars will arrive at the same conclusion.
  • https://www.goodsol.net/forum/vanilla/uploads/098/BIBVYLSJZS07.jpg https://www.goodsol.net/forum/vanilla/uploads/330/67XUZSN8ST0Q.jpg https://www.goodsol.net/forum/vanilla/uploads/755/H5BJEYHCNKMV.jpg https://www.goodsol.net/forum/vanilla/uploads/35…
  • Hi Randy. Ta for info. Please let me know how you fare with these two videos. I normally try to explain this process by screenshots. This is the first video attempt. Basically, to save a game, you click on "Game" at top lhs of your screen …
  • https://www.goodsol.net/forum/vanilla/uploads/495/6FG8UHAKC5NM.mp4 That should do the trick Randy. Download my video. Your game wasn't as difficult as I first thought, but getting the correct opening sequence of moves took me quite a while. I've not…
  • Hi Randy, The simple answer is that you don't. 😊 That's the software's job. First off I'd need to know if you are running Windows and also which Goodsol solitaire collection you use. Some save games as .pgs and some .goodsol. It is handy if you kno…
  • With Kings Only checked I found it difficult . https://www.goodsol.net/forum/vanilla/uploads/472/4NZWPGDD4LOX.pgs