- Pretty Good Solitaire

Russian Twist

A very decent game that is far more winnable than the difficulty rating of 5% suggests. Quite strategic and fun to play.

My losers were 3. 9 and 16.


  • #3 is winnable.

  • Yes I know Larry. I went back and replayed it.

    What do you think of it anyway?

  • #21-25 winnable, so an early winning rate of 92%

  • Can be played quickly.

  • 26 - 30 were also won. I packed in there to ascertain if there is any interest in it.

    Perhaps too winnable for us I suspect. Difficult deals are quite scarce too.

  • Rules gave a 35% rating.

  • My keyboard is always placed across my knees. Sometimes what I'm typing doesn't register as it's bouncing a bit.. I rely on things being underlined in red so that I can correct them. 5% didn't trigger one. I knew the correct rating before I started.

    I got six red underlines in the above message. 😃

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