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Lake Towers

I've played a few different games since I rose at 3.30am this morning. Lake Towers intrigues me. Rated at Medium, 80%, All skill.

I won games one and two after a struggle. This is a challenging game. If everyone who reads this, (yes, that includes you) , rose to the challenge, surely we could win the first 50 deals.


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    Alternatively ...... can anyone win #3 ? 😃

    Panic over. These are not easy.

  • Well, that was a thoroughly bad idea. Played first 6 and only won 1.2 and 3. No way this is an 80% and "medium" also seems wide of the mark.

  • Richard, I agree. I started by playing a random game and I'm still trying to make heads and tails of it, getting nowhere fast in different ways.

    Hard 40% seems to be a better estimate.


  • Yes Bastiko .... It's also too time consuming. I'll find something else. Thanks.

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