- Pretty Good Solitaire


Is Penguin #9270 really unwinnable? I can score 14 (!) points maximum and with another try 13 points, but then i get stuck with just one card blocking. To solve the problems i get always stuck with just one card ahead.


  • I gave it considerable attention last night Marcus. It looks like it should be winnable but no success yet.

  • Message from Mr.R.M. to Mh M.R ........... It's winnable. Great game!

  • Got it. Tricky one.

  • I won it last night and made a beautiful video of the solution on my iPhone (using Pretty Good Solitaire Mini) but now I see I am too late. 😉

    Excellent game, though; I almost packed it in.

  • Glad you attempted it Gregg. The three of us rated it very highly. 😊

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