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% win

With the new games I think Winter Squash at 50% is much too high what do others think?


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    Admittedly just a small sample, but I think it's probably about right Paul. Turn off auto-play. Try to empty a couple of columns and use undo and redo to keep them empty. Use worry back if need be. Try to take as many cards as possible from the piles on the right hand side as large numbers of cards are buried there. Have a look at my solutions to see how I kept building cards onto the foundations. Not a game you can rush.

    #1 looked unwinnable. I'll persist with it until I'm sure.

  • I found #1 pretty difficult. Worrying back essential.

  • Games 1 to 10 are winnable Paul.

  • Thanks Richard I must have thought it might be kings only I looked through my loses though and I must have had 2 horrible ones as I could not make a move at all. I have won 9 random games in a row although the latest one 2020894335 is beating me.


  • Looks unwinnable Paul

  • I think Game 37 is the first to be unwinnable

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    Very difficult Paul. I actually thought it was going to be unwinnable for quite some time though. Very entertaining. Thanks for posting it. See how you get on with my partial where I got two empty spaces to play with. 😊

  • Thanks Richard I knew it would be hard. I got it from your partial


  • Cheers. 😊

  • oh no I have reached number 42

    I cannot get a space

  • I think I've tried every possible combination of moves Paul. I keep hoping I've missed something but I doubt it. I'll persist for a while yet and let you know my final decision asap. πŸ˜•

  • I've given up Paul. I was trying to get the five and six of spades up to the foundations so that the 7S which was uncovered could do likewise. The 5S is always covered by a 4D and is never available. Convinced it's unwinnable now.πŸ˜₯

  • Thanks Richard I thought it was and I know 48 is also impossible as you can only move 3 cards

  • What a nasty deal with #48 Paul. 😣 At least your win rate is well above the suggested 50%. ☺️

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