- Pretty Good Solitaire


Is game #802667840 winnable? Sure would appreciate knowing the answer to that question.


  • I don't usually have any problems with Freecell but this one looks unwinnable. I can only score 5 at present but I am not optimistic about improving it. I'll contact Larry about it. He may still have a solving program. Check back here in a day or two.

  • Larry has confirmed my opinion that your game is unwinnable. "Solver says impossible". Unwinnable Freecells are rare, so in a way you are lucky to have found one. 🙂

  • Well, rats!

    When I reached that game, I had won 7879 games with no losses. If someone had said it was winnable, I'd continue struggling with it, but guess I'll have to take the one loss. :-(

    Thanks to those who responded to my query.

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