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is free cell game 357253671 winnable?

is free cell game # 357253671 winnable


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    Wow. That is some ugly tableau! The best score I can manage so far is just three. I'm 99% certain it's unwinnable but will draw it to Larry's attention and ask him to feed it into his solving software. Then we'll know for sure.


    EDIT. Best score now 5.

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    I shouldn't play play solitaire when I'm half asleep. Your game is winnable. 😃

    If you're running Windows I can show you how to use my solution.

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    You should be able to duplicate my moves. Drag and drop my image onto your device.

  • INGRATE. 🤮

  • No good deed goes unpunished, Richard! Wow....

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    I spent my own free time helping someone who asked for assistance. It's not as if I get paid for doing so. If typing "Thank you" was too much trouble, even "Ta" would have been acceptable Ken. Btw INGRATE was the cleaned up version. 😂

  • I have friends and relatives who I text and ask if they want to meet up and do something and I never hear back from them. If you don't want to go, just text back "No thanks" but nowadays civility has really gone by the wayside.😥

  • "All the education young people receive will be in vain if they don't learn good manners." Mahatma Ghandi.

    "Good manners cost nothing but are worth a fortune". My mother.

    Text them to the offenders Ken. 😊

    (Posted a song for you. Know you'll enjoy it).

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