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Quadruple FreeCell

I'm looking for some winnable game numbers for the new game Quadruple FreeCell.

Actually I'm looking for a game number that is not just winnable, but reasonably easily winnable. I'm looking to do some new videos of some of the new games in version 20, and in order for the video to not take forever, I'd like a good game number to show the solution to demonstrate the game.

By the way, my videos are at


  • I play the deals in order, and #1, #2, and #3 (all I have played) are all winnable. I cannot recall which (if any) were easy.

  • I just take one look at a QF tableau and I want to scream. It should come with a mental health warning. 😠

  • How about a four deck game. Something to try Thomas.😀

  • edited July 2020

    Yes, he could call it Quadruple Freecell, Mike. 😊

  • Right. Should have taken my nap before writing. So how about a five deck game then.

    I had enough trouble with Triple Interchange.

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