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Are the games the same each time? Years ago, I reached Game 250 on Spider/100% before stats were lost. Began the climb again. Now stuck on #47...for months. Happy to continue the fight IF it's the same @47, having won it previously.


  • Yes, every time you play the same game number, you get the same game. That's how people can give a game number out and you will get the same game that they did.

    Spider #47 will always be the same game.

  • Many thanks. And the fight continues!

  • Spider #47 is indeed an absolute stinker. You cannot clear a column in the first deal, and are presented with three kings that continue to be a problem throughout the game.

    I have managed to clear two columns simultaneously a few times, but the anticipated breakthrough never happens. I can remove an entire suit of diamonds and empty a column at the same time. Still cannot make any further progress.

    Winning this deal once is phenomenal, but twice is bordering on miraculous. I'll keep plugging away too. Have you located a four of spades? I could have that suit out if it was available.

  • Very grateful to share the agony w/ someone else.

    A 4 of spades hides under the queens in the final column on right. I've even managed to once clear that column, once. Likewise, have had 2 other columns cleared w/o further progress. Have yet to remove a diamond suit....did remove a heart suit. Those 3 kings ...ugh.

    How about a 7 of clubs?

    Best of luck fellow determined sufferer.

  • Good morning fellow masochist. 😊

    I did eventually manage to locate a four of spades in the last column and moved it onto another column before it could be buried. I optimistically saved the partial as "Superior", but my elation was short lived. Gaining the 4S created more problems than it solved.

    Did you save a partial when you removed a Hearts suit? If so I'd appreciate if you could post it here. Attaching my Diamonds extraction. Equally ineffective when selecting either KD.

    I can't recall having a 7C in the tableau.

  • Column 6 ..... the top two cards are your elusive sevens of clubs.

  • Whoa! There's a way to save other than a snapshot! I've been wasting too much time simply banging my head against S#47. Are there directions for "saving" elsewhere on these forums? Will investigate asap. Thank you. I did download your Diamonds need to figure out how to open it!

    Incidentally, found the other 4 of spades hiding in penultimate/7th column as well as under the queens in the 8th. Column I come for those clubs, hopefully.

  • I'm pretty busy at the moment my friend, but you can expect an email from me very soon. The inclusion of the word masochist will help you identify who it's from. I'll talk you through the game saving routine and illustrate the process too. Richard

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