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Lady Jane 39107

I've been struggling with this game for two days now. Can anyone confirm if it's even winnable?


  • The quick answer is "Yes" it is winnable. I have saved my solution and depending on whether you're running Windows and perhaps even playing the Pretty Good Solitaire collection, I can help you to win it too. I found it very difficult and had to resort to "worrying back" (taking cards back off the foundations and back into the tableau) in order to win it.

    Please respond here.

    Incidentally, there is an omission in the rules for this game concerning using empty spaces. You can fill those with a single card or a group of cards of the same suit. It makes a big difference when you encounter a deal as bad as this one. Hope this helps you meantime.

  • I was gonna say that I think there are very few unwinnable Lady Jane games, but if there is ever going to be an unwinnable one, it will be like this one. Absolutely no moves in the tableau and very little help from the stock. Richard must have really worked at it.

    Richard, its just a small omission about moving a group of cards, it does say any card can go in a space.

  • Tom, When I saw a Lady Jane deal had been posted in Is It Winnable, John McEnroe's "You can not be serious" was my first thought. I envisaged mopping it up in no time flat, but I was very wrong. There is an old Scottish (perhaps even British) saying regarding attempting a difficult task. "You'll need all of your back teeth to tackle that". You sure do.

    If I send you a .avi video of this deal, will you manage to insert it here?

    Utilising spaces to their best advantage in any of our games is critical. It's the first thing I consult when playing any game I'm not familiar with. Anyone taking the existing rule too literally will be at a disadvantage.

  • Thanks for the confirmation that it is indeed winnable. I'll keep working at it for now (and I think I was at least a step closer to winning it a couple of tries ago), but I'd be happy to see a video with the solution if I still cannot do it.

    Also, you're right that most Lady Jane deals aren't hard to win... but there's so little to work with here.

    But okay, back to the game. Trying again, now.

  • Richard, sure I'll try. I don't know why a .avi video wouldn't work. You could also try converting it to .mp4.

  • OK Richard I've added .avi and .mp4 to the allowed file list.

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    Thanks Tom. mp4 is much smaller file size that avi anyway. Good suggestion.

    It works. ☺️ You'll note that I ended my video with three columns empty. Most people will be able to complete it from there.

  • Yep. Happy with that. Well done. 😊

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