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Action Solitaire

So I'm playing Action Solitaire (first time on this machine), getting into some Pyramid.


  • Action Solitaire is such a fun game on Windows!

    Of course, I am biased. Perhaps we tailored the game just to our own tastes, but I have to be careful to limit my time playing Action Solitaire lest I never get anything (else) done. 😀 As much as I enjoy the game, I have a hard time competing against those who are truly committed to the game. My best position right now (I think) is 3rd in recent scores for Free Fan Easy.

    While working on Pyramid, in Action Solitaire, I devised my method of easily determining (prior to play) whether a deal was winnable and optimizing card play. I have been thinking about writing it up for a long time; maybe this will push me to finally do it.

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