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Does anyone find this game the most frustrating Klondike type game so far?

The main problem is trying to get the lower cards in the deeper piles (mostly the last 2 piles)...sometimes there might be an Ace or two Aces in near the bottom of the 6th or 7th pile. Sometimes an Ace is at the end of the stock.

Thinking of suggesting a easier variation of the game but can't think of what to make it easier. A redeal won't help much though.


  • I like Whitehead and find it far from frustrating. If we choose to play any game of luck we have only ourselves to blame if we lose. Try going into a casino and complaining about roulette.

    I actually do have an issue with Whitehead though, the rules state mainly luck. There is a good degree of skill involved. To support my argument, can you win 70% of the first ten deals?

  • Make that 80%. I like this game.

  • I think you need to read the rules properly

    Not sure how they could make it any easier.

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    There's also a chance that CanadianJay may be stuck on a difficult deal.

    I took two random games and could win them with a good amount of effort.


  • Hi Bastiko,

    I am sure that I could maintain a win rate of at least 80% playing them in numerical order. You need to carefully consider every move you make. The win rate in the rules says 50% so I can see no reason to make the game any easier. No matter which games we choose to play, we will inevitably hit one that we can't win. That's solitaire. If we keep simplifying them there will be no point in playing them at all. There is a section of Very easy games for people who want to win all the time. That would bore me to tears.


  • Numbers 7, 9, 31, 33, 34 and 42 were my losers from the first fifty deals. Equals an 88% win rate. This is a great little game where skill plays a much larger part than luck. Some deals are pretty easy but a few of them were very difficult in my opinion. Although I rarely did so, it is worth mentioning that worrying back is allowed.

  • I found the first 6 games easy but having trouble with #7. Can anybody post a partial?

  • I was embarrassed to find that I didn't have a solution for #7 Ken. I started playing it again and it didn't take long before it dawned on me that I'd played it umpteen times. It's on my losers list. Playing tricks on the old guy were we? 😊

    Introducing a red ten could be all it would take to win it though.

    Btw I played the first 100 games and had a 90% win rate.

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