- Pretty Good Solitaire

Fair Lucy

I like games with simple mechanisms that eventually turn complicated, and Fair Lucy is one of them. The tableau is built by same rank, which sounds easy but is quite deceptive, since each pile is limited to three face-up cards of the same rank. One has to be careful in moving cards to the foundations, or else be left with cards that cannot be moved to uncover other cards. The King pile is essential but may or may not be helpful, as sometimes Kings can be found at the bottom of piles.

The game is rated Very Hard, but because of the deceptive simplicity, I suppose it could be bumped down to Hard. I have around a 10% win rate with nearly 200 games played. How would you fare?



  • Not a type of game that I enjoy Bastiko. I just find it frustrating because I can identify problems that cannot be resolved no matter what alternative moves I make. Each move is just a case of trial and error until you find a route that's not blocked. I expect that I'd need to cherry pick deals before I could exceed the 2% suggested win rate. You should be proud of your 10%.. I wouldn't have the patience.

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