- Pretty Good Solitaire


Although this is an 80% game I have won the first 1095 games but 1096 looks to be unwinnable, it is easy to see why it is hard. I can reach a score of 30

Can anybody win it?

Thanks Paul


  • Nice to hear from you Paul. How are you and your brother surviving COVID?

  • Hi stranger,

    I'd be surprised if my top score of 32 can be improved on. The ranks of the foundation cards are consecutive. It's a pity that that is allowed.

  • Thanks Richard we are all ok

    I think I have found another one, 1109 I can only get to 32

  • Glad you and your family are keeping safe Paul. It's not been easy, but we'll soon have at least three vaccines available to NHS patients, so things should perhaps start to get back to normal before much longer.

    I have reached 35 with your game so far. Perhaps that's as high as possible. I'll let you know one way or the other asap. 😊

  • edited December 2020

    It's winnable Paul. Far from easy. I had fun with it anyway. Thanks. 😊

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