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New Pretty Good Solitaire for iPad v1.6 with 750 Games

A new version of Pretty Good Solitaire for iPad is now available!

Version 1.6 adds 50 new games, bringing the total number of games to 750. The games are exactly the same games that are in the Mac Edition.

If you have purchased the iPad version, you can go to the AppStore to update it.

For more information and links to the game on the AppStore, see


  • I’ve played goodsol games for many years since initially paying for the app. I wish there was an upgrade fee, as I feel I’ve received far more enjoyment through the years playing the games—which you’ve spent considerable time developing— than what I contributed monetarily when I purchased the game package years ago!

  • Glad you like the game! Yes, Apple doesn't provide a way to do upgrades, which is a big problem on their AppStore. All you can do is just tell your friends about the game!

  • Pretty Good Solitaire for iPad has updated again to version 1.61 with these changes:

    50 new games in version 1.60 and bug fixes in version 1.61:

    - bug fix: 'Random' deal button fixed to give random sequence of deal numbers

    - bug fix: fixed long delays on game result database updates

    - bug fix: fixed game results from 2021 on older versions not being validated or repaired

    - bug fix: fixed deleting an invalid game entry causing a silent crash

    - bug fix: fixed aesthetic problems on game list when accessibility settings set to large text

  • thanks for share, that's awesome.

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