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Slow Support - I Almost Died

On April 16th, I was feeling poorly so I went into a care center to see what was wrong. First they discovered I was in A-fib, and then a scan showed an aorta anerysm. Basically, without a major surgery I was dead. It took 11 days for them to get my heart strong enough for surgery, and I had the 13 hour aorta replacement surgery on April 26th. Since then I have been in recovery in the hospital, spending a total of 26 days there.

Support and code requests have been very slow during this time and will remain slow for awhile. I will get around to all the emails eventually.



  • Yes Tom, concentrate on getting back to full health. Codes and the likes will just have to wait. As excuses go, you're is unbeatable. 😊

  • Oh no! Get well soon, Tom, and take it easy.


  • Are you making much progress in the garden of your new house Bastiko?

  • Just get well. Don 't worry about anything.

  • Get well soon.

  • After you recover. Let me/us know what the warning signs might have for the problem. Plus I hope you are recovering well.

  • The first symptom was I couldn't sleep. Then I got shortness of breath, I would go up a flight of stairs and be completed winded after (which was really weird because I was pretty fit). That caused me to go in and get checked.

  • I will keep that info in mind. Stairs and me do not get along anyway. And even with the drugs I take. I have to add a Melatonin to get to sleep.

    Keep up the recovery.

  • The biggest culprit for not getting to sleep is eating after 9pm. Much worse if it something difficult to digest like meat.

  • I should have known those turkey dinners at ten pm. Were not the best idea.

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