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How to transfer statistics from Mac to another Mac?

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I'm going to get a new iMac soon (24 inch is out already) do I transfer my statistics from this current Mac to the next mac? It was explained on the old forum but I don't remember how it was done lol


  • If you purchased Pretty Good Solitaire Mac Edition directly from Goodsol, then the procedure is straightforward:

    • Copy the entire contents of '~/Library/Pretty Good Solitaire' from the old system onto the new system. That is it.

    It is usually easier to re-enter your registration code and create your player(s) on the new system (which will import your statistics).

    If you purchased Pretty Good Solitaire Mac Edition from the Mac App Store, then the process is the same, but the folder is buried deeper: '~/Library/Containers/Pretty Good Solitaire/Data/Library/Pretty Good Solitaire'. Blame Apple. 😉

    Please let me know here if you have any more questions about the process. Obviously, if possible, hang onto the older system until you know that the statistics transfer worked correctly.

  • Note that the identical procedure works for our other Mac titles as well, including Pretty Good MahJongg Mac Edition; simply replace 'Pretty Good Solitaire' with (in this example) 'Pretty Good MahJongg'.

  • I had purchased the game directly from Goodsol (did that so that I didn't have to wait for Apple to approve updates when I had the PGS from the appstore before).

    I have copied the entire contend folder onto my UBS stick.

  • with Ventura 13.0.1, neither of the above are listed.

    so where are they NOW!

  • >with Ventura 13.0.1, neither of the above are listed.

    >so where are they NOW!

    As far as I can tell, they are still in the same locations. Are you able to find '~/Library' itself? Apple has made a point of hiding that folder in the past, although on my development system it seems to be available. (To be fair, it may have been a global 'Library' folder that was hidden.)

    I have just verified both folders (the long Mac App Store 'Containers' folder and the shorter Goodsol folder) and they are both there and active on my macOS Ventura 13.0.1 system. I played a game in the Goodsol download version and the shorter folder was updated, and then I played a game in the version run from Launchpad and the longer folder was updated. (My system was upgraded to Ventura 13.0.1 from Monterey.)

    If you can give us any more details about exactly the problem you are (not?) seeing, perhaps we can find a solution.

    Gregg 🐵

  • I have ~/library/ , but no pgs anywhere. Must be somewhere else. Any Idea?

  • here's the screen shot:

  • >I have ~/library/ , but no pgs anywhere. Must be somewhere else. Any Idea?

    That screenshot is of a top level 'Library' (i.e., '/Library/' rather than '~/Library/') from a networked computer (Macintosh 1).

    If this is the machine that has the PGSME statistics on it (i.e., the "old" one), then you want to click on 'James's Mac Pro' on the side, then double-click on the 'Users' folder, and then open your user name (James?) and you will find the appropriate 'Library' folder there (with 'Pretty Good Solitaire' underneath that one).

    The same idea holds true if you are trying to get statistics from one of the networked computers: '~/Library' (by virtue of the tilde) is under a specific user, so '[Computer name]/Users/[User name]/Library/Pretty Good Solitaire' is where the statistics should be found (for a direct Goodsol download, otherwise, the longer 'Containers' path).

    I feel like I should apologize for the complexity of this naming, even though Apple makes these decisions and we have precisely 0% influence. 😐️

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