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How to Post in Is It Winnable?

The Is It Winnable? category is for posting games that you are having trouble with and would like to see solved.

To post, be sure to name the game (such as "FreeCell") and give the game number in Pretty Good Solitaire (or any of our other games, they are all the same).

So, for example, you could ask "Can anyone solve FreeCell #11982?"

(Spoiler: that game is unsolvable so the answer is no).


  • Thomas, my humble suggestion would be to start a new category by game only and then put the game #'s in there. The people who start a whole new category with a specific game # annoy me since that just clutters up the forum. (Yes, as Mike & Richard can tell you, I'm easily annoyed!)

  • I totally agree with you Ken. I'll see what I can achieve along those lines. Have a 😊

  • Is Batsford #1 winnable?

  • I didn't win it but I did win numbers, 2,3,4,6,8.9 and 10 = 70%. Not bad for a game rated as 8%. 😊

  • I have won 71 out of 72 random games but just can’t win #1! Thanks for the quick reply. Sure wish someone would win it.

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    My best score with #1 was 27 after playing it many times. No matter which cards we access in the tableau we always land up with a shortage of red tens and black nines.


    Best score now 39.

  • #1 may actually be winnable. My best is now 46.

  • FreeCellPlus #178 Is it Winnable?

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    We don't have a game called FreecellPlus.

    To make a post in Is It Winnable, first click on Discussions on the top row of the screen, then click on New Discussion over on the right side. A new window will open.

    In Category select Is It Winnable from the dropdown menu


    Then click on Post Discussion and your post will appear in the Is It Winnable section.

  • FreeCell Plus is our standalone FreeCell game, Richard.

    The game numbers are the same as in PGS. Since #11982 is the first unwinnable game, #178 is winnable.

  • Ah. Thanks Tom. ☺️ That explains things.

    Attaching a solution for your game Bill.

    Clues are

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