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I got stuck with #3741. I would say, it is unwinnable, but i was wrong before. Best i could get was so far i think 36 points.



  • Hello stranger. Nice to have your name back on the board. 😊 I've have to go out for a while but I'll tackle it later.

  • Back sooner than expected Markus. I was thinking about you last night. We watched the following .....

    I remembered, was it about three years ago, that you were going to be docking at Kirkwall on a cruise ship?

    Your game is unwinnable. Every column always gets blocked. My best was 35.

    Don't stay away so long next time.


  • Maybe it was 3 years ago. Times just running.

    I mostly post, when i got stuck. So, there had been a lot of winners, also some nice ones, but winnable.

    Thank's for the confirmation. My best: 36. 😎

  • Should it be a double?

    #3742: got stuck with 35 (!) points (in two different ways). I can get close, to get an important card (eight of hearts, 6 of diamonds, ...), but ...

  • No, it's winnable Markus. Clear column 8. Be very careful with the clubs and you will get there.

  • Got it. It was just a little the problem of the clubs. I have overseen, that i can free an Ace of Spades in the first column. (That hast meant, ta spare the 6th of clubs in column 6). After that, no problem any more. Btw: i have freed column 2 first.

  • How about #3860 ? I think it should be winnable, but always with some times between the tries, i forget meanwhile the possibilities.

  • Markus, this is when we really miss Mike.😪 He was the TI expert.

  • You'll forget even more as you get older Marcus.. I have played it non-stop for quite a while now. I am starting to think it could be a loser. Will try again later tonight.

  • This is the best I could do Marcus. Looks unwinnable to me.

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    That's the closest i could get to clear a column. I put it onto the loser-list.

  • I agree Markus. Thanks. 😊

  • How about #3881? I can score 45 points in different ways, but then the Diamonds and the Spades are blocking further possibilities. Maybe i have overseen something at the beginning.

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    Will have a look Markus. Thanks.

    oversee / n = supervise / d. You probably mean overlooked. Your English has improved a lot since you first appeared in the forum.

    Yes, 45 is not difficult. I have the same problems with diamonds and spades. I will try to make different choices with the hearts and clubs. Perhaps that will help.

  • I have it at 59 now Marcus.

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    It's winnable Markus. Clear column six.

    Partial if you need one.

  • Tried it today again. Could clear column 8 first. After that no problem any more. But tricky to get there.

  • Yes Marcus. For a long time I wondered if it was even winnable. A good game. Thanks.

  • #3903. A lot would say, it is not winnable, but it is!

  • Yes, it does look next to impossible Marcus. I spent a bit of time on it and got the hearts onto the foundations. Working out which order to assemble the spades and the clubs into would take a lot of trial and error. I accept that you won it, but it must have taken more time than I am prepared to spend on it meantime. Until then, you will be the only person who has ever won it. Well done my friend. 😊

  • WOW! Good on you, Markus!

  • #3941: I would say the quickest unwinnable TI i have ever played with a maximum score of just 19.

  • Not one black card reached the foundations ! 😮

  • TI #3982 is a challenging winner. I needed a lot of undo till i could clear a column.

  • Another good one Markus. Thanks. Back in the good old days a group of us used to play TI's practically non-stop and we had fun doing so. Attaching a partial with a column already cleared for anyone who wants to give it a try.

  • I think #4043 have to be on the losers list. Got stuck very quickly with 28 points. Have i overseen something?

  • 28 max Markus.😕

  • #4048 is maybe already the next loser. Interesting: i got again just 28 points.

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    Winnable Marcus. Difficult. Clear column 4 🙂


    Using Liz's laptop. Hate it. Windows 10 designed to bully imho. Hope the repairs man can fix mine after Restoro screwed it up completely.

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