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Happy Anniversary!

I just realized that I missed our (business) anniversary. 😌

Last Sunday, September 26, was the 20th anniversary of my first contribution to Goodsol Development products, the delivery of the first version of a library that it still used in Pretty Good Solitaire to this day (albeit upgraded quite significantly over the years). We have been working together ever since. 20 years!

Technically, I think I started working on the library the previous Friday (September 21, 2001).

Together, we have published more Solitaire games than anybody else on the planet.

So Happy (belated) Anniversary, Tom! 😉


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    Hear! Hear!

    In the years that I was virtually house-bound through illness, PGS is what filled each day. I'll repeat what I've said previously, Pretty Good Solitaire is the best thing I have bought in my entire life ........ by a country mile.

  • One of my favorite Little River Band songs!

  • Happy anniversary!

    I've enjoyed PGS since around 2000 (and that was when I was much "greener" in age and experience) back when it used the classic cards and there were far fewer games. Now I'm glad to be able to contribute to its development and make it the best it can be.


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