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Any interest in new groups of KOE?


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    I was just about to create a KoE thread Larry. Thanks.

    The short answer to your question is "Yes", Very welcome.

    I am still messing around with #3026. Thanks for your recent partial. Not so confident it is winnable now. My partial has resolved the 9S problem but another QD also looks to be critical

    Clicking on the link will open the partial in your PC. I have yet to find anything else that's workable.

    I'd appreciate feedback regarding what happens when you do so. Where does it get located to?

  • Here's what I do- download pgs game file to my PGS folder in Documents and Settings. Open PGS and open saved game.

  • Yes, that other QD is the problem.

  • Thanks for the download feedback Larry. Interesting method. I'll try it, but I'm of the opinion that most people may struggle to implement it. Basically I will post links beneath any solutions I upload and direct people to paste them into the "Open game" folder for the appropriate game. Great to learn that we have two methods.

    I have given #3026 everything in my arsenal. Close but no cigar. Glad you agree.

  • Hi Larry, I would certainly have problems using your downloading method.

    In Documents I cannot find Settings.

    The place I need to put the link into is also complicated to locate.

    richardmechen - AppData - Roaming - Goodsol - Pretty Good Solitaire

    Then of course we have the problem that different operating systems will probably have different paths.

    When the actual link is posted beneath the uploaded solution , a person just has to copy and paste it into the "Open game" folder in PGS itself. Nothing complicated to explain to people.

  • No idea what caused the broad grey line to the left of some of the above post.

  • When I was in college I had a mentor tell me I needed to broaden my experiences. He later told me that I misheard him and I actually needed to get an experienced broad😏

  • Did you manage to capture one? Cable ties make great handcuffs ..... I'm told.πŸ˜€

    Norfolk is famed for its Broads Ken.

  • Completely sexist talk.

  • The easiest method may be to simply drag the saved game (.pgs) file from the post onto the desktop, and then open it from there. Windows now (by default) has a shortcut for 'Desktop' (under 'Computer') after 'Open Game...' is selected from the PGS menu.

  • The problem is that many people have historically tried and failed to open a .pgs file on their desktop Gregg.

    I am advocating that we upload solutions to the forum and then open them by dragging them back onto the desktop and subsequently pasting the appropriate link in the same post as the .pgs file. There is no perfect way. Larry uses another. From experience I know that people wanting solutions want ultra simple methods. I'd wager that Bastiko has a decent method. Collectively we'll cope. 😊

  • Ok, new list for 3200's.

  • Good man ! ☺️

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    One for you to mess around with Larry. Almost midnight and I am wabbit. (Scots slang). Another one where a QD could win it.

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    🀞 I will give it a try.

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    I reached a similar position - 74W14.

    Elmer Fudd called Bugs Bunny "wascally wabbit".

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    (wah·bit) Dialect, chiefly Scot ~adj.

    1. exhausted, out of breath, unable to function due to extreme tiredness 

    Thanks for having a go Larry. Hoped you could dig the wabbit one out of a hole. Gratifying that we reached the same conclusion. Not a bad start for the set though.

    Whisky ............I LOVE this new spell checker. First one that has not attempted to "correct " my spelling.

  • Actually #3200 was in the 3100 set, 3200's start with #3201 (It's a numbering thing)πŸ—“

  • My attention has been drawn to the following.

    Larry and I have win rates far higher that even the table topper.

  • Larry informs me that our joint win rates for KoE are as follows.

    1 - 1600 = 83.8%

    1601 - 3200 = 83.8 %

    3201 - 4000 = 84.3%

  • Seems like 84% is the magic number.

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