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Cloud Cell

Richard, I've been trying 1505 for hours and I finally got it to 65/23 and I was about to post it for you to work your magic and I thought I would try it ONE MORE TIME! And EUREKA! Good game!



  • Fine work grasshopper.

    To see beyond the CLOUD, you must first see within.

  • Ken, NOW you know why Larry and I asked Tom to add our game to Goodsol. We'd been playing it for a long time prior to that. 😊

  • YEP! It's addicting! Won 1506 also...

  • Richard, have you tried 1504? Couldn't win that one (but I did win 1505-1507)

  • I'm still playing the unwon 1400's Ken. Larry says #1504 is winnable. He'll probably post a solution if you ask him nicely.

  • Okay. I know. I'm just far too nice. 😄

    Note the worrying back in my solution.

  • Thanks, Richard!

    Thanks, Larry!

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    All MY work Ken.🙂 Eleven minutes well spent.

  • Richard, what's your score for 1511? My best score is 54/29. The AH being the very last card in the stock doesn't help much.😥

  • Tricky little number. Different cards caused problems so went down an entirely different track to win it.


  • Richard, I'm not having much luck with 1516. My best score is 49/37 which is pretty bad!

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    Very busy outdoors meantime Ken. Larry has a new list of those he's won. I've asked him to post a solution for you.

    As it's not on the list of unwon ones he should be able to provide one. Attachment is those I'm working on.

  • Larry getting his beauty sleep. Not devilishly handsome like us Ken. 😈👿


  • THANKS as always!!!!!!!

  • Feel free to tackle the un-won list Ken. 😊

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    #1572 has now been won. 😊

  • Richard is usually given the task of getting the CLOUD CELL GROUP of 100's (in this case the 1500's) at our goal of 90/100. I do the grunt work of playing them all and seeing what is left to be won.

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    It's a bit like a bottle of milk Ken. The cream rises to the top and takes up far less room. 😂

  • What # are you guys up to now?

  • Larry completed the 1600's recently Ken. Attaching the ones I am still working on. I did manage to win one of them, so it's been removed. I'd wager he is half way through the 1700's by now.

    He'll probably see your post and respond in due course.

  • Thanks, Richard! It is a really enjoyable game. As you always tell me, I should've listened to you earlier!😎

  • Yes, we like it Ken. Most are winnable, and only a small number of those that Larry hasn't won are subsequently converted by myself.

    Btw, don't listen to me too early. I need my beauty sleep. 😁

  • Richard, can you post the losers for the 1700's? THANKS!!!!!!

  • Scores on lhs are Larry's originals. Coloured dudes are mine. My best score for #1760 wasn't recorded for some reason., Probably been working on troublesome cards and just neglected to enter it. Will tackle it today.

  • I think you left out the stinker #1796 with the low score of 28.🤭

  • #1773 up to 66- maybe?

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    A partial wouldn't go amiss then Larry. 😊

    How does my partial for #1796 compare to yours?

  • #1796 has now reached the dizzy heights of thirty.

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