- Pretty Good Solitaire

What is the difference between Carlton and Milligan Harp Solitaire?



  • Thanks for the parody Ken. Quite excellent.

  • Richard, how about a partial for Josephine 1023868544?

  • edited March 2022

    Not sure it's even winnable yet Ken. Those spades are nasty

  • Yep! Couldn't get a 6S out to save my life.

  • I've tried every trick in the book Ken. It's just not winnable. I had fun trying it though.

  • It's always nice to know that I didn't miss anything. THANKS!

  • Only thing you missed was the solution.😁. Hint: Get 3H at Waste 18 into column 2.

  • Well done Larry. An inspired solution.

    Ken, #2 is also winnable.

    Both saved if required.

  • Thanks, Larry & Richard. Richard, I'm playing random games of Josephine to help quiet my mind so that I can sleep. Of course, when I get aggravating games like the one above, it has the opposite effect!😡

  • Richard, I'm definitely going to need a partial. Even with Larry's clue, my best score is 57/21

  • Ken, Josephine's worrying back was the origin of the saying Not tonight (again) Josephine !? Napoleon had a very short temper you know ..... 5'2" 😁

  • Famous last words perhaps Ken. The un-won deals are the bones of what we have previously practically picked clean in Forty Thieves. At least you have about 50 known winners.

  • Hey, it was Larry's idea! LOL! Btw, do B & H have a higher point value than F? Asking for a friend...

  • B 40,H 52 and and F 29. I'd used the B in line one. The minute I got the OUND the first word I thought of was FOUND. The crossword solver showed 8 possibilities commencing with BOUND, FOUND and HOUND, then some I'd never even thought of. What swung it for me was that 19 Wordle solutions had started with F and only 8 for H. So tell your friend I just went for my gut.

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