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Triple Interchange



  • Sure you didn't get "Destroyo" by mistake?

  • Got it. Instead of you i cleared column 6 first. Tricky one.

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    Definitely not an easy one Marcus.

    Destroyo Larry? No, I'm sure it starts with an F.

  • #4111: I would say, definitely a loser, isn't it?

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    Definitely maybe? 😊 As difficult as they get.

    Clear column 6 first.

  • Even when you reach this position there is an enormous number of dead-ends that you have to figure out. This was a seriously difficult game.

  • Hi Richard!

    Had nearly forgotten, that i posted something. It seems i got a cold. Couldn't do a lot today. Still having a little headache, i normally don't have.

    And then i remembered it. Gave him another try, and got the 6 of Clubs, i thought it is impossible to free. Also you had to be very carefully with the Diamonds. After i have cleared column 6, i could free with the next move also column 5. With two freed columns it was after that easy. But to get there, ...

  • Yes Markus, there was a lot of trial and error involved before I worked out how to clear that column. It was essential to ignore the hearts completely and leave them in the stock to be available later. At least you didn't get "cold feet" 😀 and give up.

  • TI #4145 was winnable with just 1 redeal. I know, that there is another game as TI, but the hard one with no redeals. Maybe that's one to try out. I don't remember, what game it was.

  • Sorry, can't help you with that query Markus. Tom may be able to. You could devise that game yourself using the Wizard. Duplicate almost all of the rules but check "No redeals". It is easy to do.

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