- Pretty Good Solitaire

Corona .... (Not the virus)

Partial and full solution attached Ken.

ps, I washed my hands. You're in enough risk already.

UPDATE......... The bad news is that .pgs files are not allowed.

Tom ....... You have a BIG problem.☹️



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    Ken, The good news is that if you click "Is it winnable" the entries look like they will come up like the older Forum. Have another 😘 .... no, perhaps not. 😁

    More bad news is that uploaded items like photos will not appear, but will have to be downloaded by the recipient, perhaps nobody else.

    The Edit function works okay.

  • Uh-oh, Thomas, how do I get the solution to my Corona problem? And while you're at it, can you solve the other corona problem?

  • I heard that you could inject bleach Ken. ☠️

  • OK, I think I needed to add the .pgs file type to be allowed. I think maybe I found where that is done, so give it another try.

  • Sorry. Still no joy. File types list attached.

  • OK, you should be able to upload .pgs files now. Still trying to figure out how to get the images to display rather than download.

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    Success with upload. Will have to see if people can use it before we can celebrate. 😊

    EDIT .....Again they must be downloaded. It was difficult previously when I could show users what needed to be copied and pasted where.Going to tinker.

    EDIT #2. Okay, I have a work around. The person wanting to use a solution would have to drag and drop it onto the likes of a desktop. Then you need to open Corona in this instance, but not on full screen. You then need to click on "Open game" and drag the download into the small window. Highlight it there and click "Open". It does work. More tinkering likely.

    BONUS..... I absolutely love the spell check in here. Typos are made very visible.

  • Another possible problem has occurred to me. Can anyone download the solution or just the recipient? You could give that a try and let us know.

  • That worked.

    To upload a photo..... guess what have to select the photo tab and not the paperclip.

  • Location for photo upload

  • Well, well! I dragged and dropped a solution

    and then a photo. I expect my medal is in the post.

  • More progress.

    You can drag and drop photos back out of here.

    Furthermore you can do the same with uploaded solutions.

    With the latter, opening it on my desktop revealed the old familiar address you can see in the message above this one. I checked that the link does actually do what we want them to do. Not a big deal. In future I will upload a solution to this forum and promptly drag and drop it back onto my desktop. Opening it there would then allow me to upload the link into the same message.

  • Richard, your link worked perfectly! I still prefer the tried and true to any new methods.

  • If anyone can come up with a better method I'd be delighted to hear it it Ken. The best I can come up with involves more work for the person uploading solutions, invariably me or Larry.. I've spent a lot of time on this. At least the software accepts .pgs extensions now.

    If I simply upload a solution, the person wanting to use it would click on it and it will download. Trying to explain to people what to do with it thereafter would be fraught with problems. Can you manoeuvre a downloaded solution into where your PGS software can open it? That's the first question I need an answer to. The second regards whether everybody will automatically have permission to download it. Consequently I'd like you to upload a solution so I can experiment with it. Any solution for any PGS game. I'd also like you to download the Penguin solution I uploaded ..... not the link. Can you manage to find it in your PC and then take it to where you can open it? Until I can experiment with a solution that I've played no part in uploading I have no idea if what happens thereafter will be duplicated as if it had been one I'd uploaded. I'm working blind here.

    The method I have found that involves uploading a file and then dragging and dropping it back out of the forum is a bit messy but I cannot find any other means to extract the link info so I can then post that beneath a solution. That's your next job. Could you please drag and drop a solution from here into your PC and tell me if you find the critical link info after clicking on it?

    I was VERY surprised to find that I could just drag and drop solutions and photos from my PC into this forum. I discovered that after I found out that I could drag stuff out of here that I had uploaded normally. Could you please drag a small photo into this thread and tell me the size of it? I'd like to see if I can drag someone else's photo out of here and whether it will maintain its size if I'm allowed to do so.

  • Blind Pew here again.

    I logged out of this forum and easily managed to drag and drop solutions and photos out of it onto my desktop. How is this possible on a site that displays the padlock in the address bar?

    Clearly I managed to log back in without a hitch.

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    Another experiment

    Yes. After uploading a solution and posting it I came back and deleted in in the Edit. At least we now know that it's possible to delete files after they've been posted. In the older forum you get the message that you don't have permission to do that.

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    Okay, my last post was an improvement in my opinion.

    I uploaded a solution and posted it.

    I then dragged and dropped it back onto my desktop and opened it to expose the link.

    I then used the "embed" tool to enter it into the message rather than copy and paste.

    I can do no more

  • I finally got to try the embed tool in a thread somebody else had created. I could get the embed tool to work there. Perhaps it will only work in threads you have actually created. So many questions. So few answers.

  • Ordinarily, I would help you out with your experiments but a co-worker is on vacation so I'm working all week long. I'm not used to working this hard!

  • Thanks for taking the time to respond. I sent you an email just minutes ago. If the answer is "Yes" please don't bother to reply. Holidays are great as long as it's you who is having them. 😊 Don't work too hard.

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    >I logged out of this forum and easily managed to drag and drop solutions and photos out of it onto my desktop. How is this possible on a site that displays the padlock in the address bar?

    Apples and Oranges. The padlock in the address bar means that the content is encrypted between your computer and the Goodsol server, so nobody can eavesdrop in between. Whether or not that content is publicly available, or whether or not you are logged in, is a separate issue.

    [I really miss the 'preview' feature; I liked to use it to proofread.]

  • Thanks for that Gregg. Someone has been quizzing me regarding this.

    What I miss here is the superior selection of expressive imogies. It's a pity we couldn't drag and drop them in.

    Everything considered, I think it's great.

  • I exist to serve Richard. I can't match exactly what emoji they had in the old version, but I enabled the Apple set of emoji, which you can access by clicking on the emoji button in the comment box.

    I can change that to the Twitter set of emoji, but I imagine that most people are more familiar with the Apple emojis on their iPhones.

  • Tom, I believe you meant I exist to serve, Richard. But please yourself.😂

  • I think you liked the I exist to serve Richard message better. ;)

  • Careful Mike, I'll tell Debbie you are enjoying yourself too much. 😏

  • I am hot enjoying myself at all right now.

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