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  • An interesting quirk in Corona, if you can play the first waste card to foundations (Ace) or to tableau, you can move any bottom tableau card back to waste. Used this to win #77.🤗

  • Brilliant spot Larry ! Well done !

    Initially I thought that you'd discovered a bug, but I'm delighted to report that you have not. At the very start of a game you can sometimes play the first card that had been dealt to the waste pile onto either the foundations or a tableau column. You now have a golden opportunity to play any exposed tableau card back onto the empty waste pile. Hover your cursor over the empty waste pile and you will see the Hint "Any card in empty pile". This is a legitimate move and improves the game enormously in my opinion.

  • #64 (Conventionally).

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    #83 comes aboard.

    Give #76 and #95 another look with the new move options.

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    Approaching the witching hour yet again. One down, one to go. Not sure I can be bothered this side of dream-time though.

    When Maggie Thatcher said that Sleep is for wimps she was lying.

  • 000's at 85/100, probably close to max.

    Ken, if you can post your losers for #151-200, we will see what the 100's total looks like.

  • 150




















  • Can one of you guys work ahead and tell me if and how 401 is winnable? Thanks!

  • 191, 196, 19 and 200 have been won. Good solution attached.

    Will try your game Ken. May not have time though as I have an appointment.

  • Yes Ken, #401 has been won. 😉

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    Larry, I'm working in descending order through Ken's latest list. (My typo above should have read 199 and not 19).

  • I've been limited for time Larry. I actually left the house today for the first time in 184 days. I'd posted this 30 days ago. The good news is that my tinnitus has improved dramatically and totally unexpectedly over the last two months or so. Probably means than I am going to die soon without warning. Something like that, to restore the Ying and Yang balance. On three consecutive mornings I woke up having difficulty seeing out of my left eye, the one I call my good eye. 😞 The optometrist did a variety of tests that included (for the first time) putting dye into my eyes. She finally diagnosed that the lens in that eye had turned opaque due to a blocked tear duct, and returned to normal as I kept rubbing it. I'll phone the quack tomorrow. More fun.😫

    #188 and # 189 were recruited. I've not been bothering to post solutions, but can if you require any.

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    So you have all your essentials delivered?

  • I am not really building a Corona database, just enjoying the challenge of adding new winners.

  • I can open Larry's solutions but not yours, Richard. I wonder why?

  • What a difference a day makes. I won #401 easily tonight.

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    Yes Larry, we have a groceries delivery every Saturday. We are very well organised. Having additional freezer capacity in one of my sheds halps enormously. Lix has gone to a local shop a handful; of times though.

    I can't understand why you can't open my solutions Ken. I'm presuming Larry can. Was there any particular one?

    I'd to sign back in here.

    I've just seen your email. Try this.

    #185 and #187 won. I found the latter very troublesome.

  • Nope, still doesn't work. But I got 401 on my own.

  • I did read that you'd won #401 unassisted Ken. Well done. 😊

    Upoaded solutions can be utilised n two ways. Right clicking one will download it, normally to Downloads where you should be able to open it easily. The better way is our old tried and tested one. Left clicking will open it onscreen and you will recognise the link there that you need to use.

  • #183 and #184 have been won.

  • When I left-click Larry's solutions, I get our friendly set of numbers but when I left-click your solution, I get this:

    "This file does not have an app associated with it for performing this action"

  • That is annoying Ken. Something has changed. I can't get my solutions to do anything other than download when I click on them now. Only the left click works. I downloaded one just now and located it in Downloads. You can't (easily) open them there. I dragged it onto my desktop, opened Coropna in PGS and pointed to it. It works. Use this as a work-around for any of my partials that no longer work.

    Larry, have you historically had the same problem as Ken?

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    Ken had already won #183, 184, 185, 187, 188.(see his loser list above).

    #161, 170, 174 are in the fold now. #151 is tantalizingly close, perhaps you can bring it home.

  • #152 and 153 bring total for 100's to 70/100.

  • I open PGS, then game (Corona) then open downloaded game.

  • Larry, have you tried to open any of Richard's solutions?

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    I remember when numbers all looked different.

    I think I've got a current list now.

    Re #151 Larry, "tantalisingly close" you say. Look at cards #1 and 3 in the stock. A confirmed loser.

    #150 has almost identical problems with the 9H's. Another confirmed loser.

  • Something has changed Ken. In the KoE thread, click a solution I uploaded. It is working for me. I am doing nothing new.

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    It didn't work.😕

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