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Corona .... (Not the virus)



  • Goodbye, Richard, Queen of Corona

    Singing me & Mike down by the Schoolyard...

  • My name is OzymandiasKING of kings: Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!” 

  • Have you ever watched "Breaking Bad"?

  • Breaking Bad = Netflix = No.

  • Too bad. It's a GREAT show and one of the most famous episodes was entitled, "Ozymandias".

  • Yes Ken, so I've heard. As usual, I'm trying to catch up with other shows and films. Some will be taken down after they've been available for a set time, so completing boxes sets I'm half way through is prioritised. I get the TV to myself from 9pm. onward. That's why I'm seldom bedded before midnight.. Apparently "Breaking bad" is available in its entirety on Spike, one of our Freeview channels but I can't see me having the time. Thanks anyway. I watched a bizarre movie the other night called "Handmaiden", a subtitled Korean/Japanese production. Unlikely you'll be able to find it but if you can, do. 😊

  • It's on Amazon Prime. I'll have to check it out. IMDB said the movie references "OldBoy". See if you can find that movie. (The Japanese movie, not the remake...)

  • I've seen that film twice ! You'll love it. 😊

  • You saw what film twice? The Handmaiden? Have you seen OldBoy? I have and I LOVED it! What a twisted movie...

  • I've seen OldBoy twice. Handmaiden once.

  • I also LOVED OldBoy! I never guessed the ending!!

  • Richard, how about 244? This one is especially frustrating because I can get TWO open spaces right away.


  • Awkward despite what looked like a perfect start.


  • Richard, any luck with 376?

  • They you go, using that four-letter-word again .... luck !

    When I first saw the tableau I thought that liberating the two black threes under the 10C would have to take priority, but no, that didn't work out. The two 5D's appear early in the stock so unless you can get one of them into the tableau you will not be able to win it. This was the toughest Corona you've posted to date. Identifying your priorities is key to success. Cracking game. Right up my street. Thanks for posting it. 😊

    Peel it back to where I introduced a 5D and see how you get on. The 10C remains a priority.

  • Richard, I pretty much had got what you had got all the way up to the 3C. When the 2C comes up and you didn't play either the 3C in the tableau or the 3C that comes up immediately in the stock , that's what I failed to do. Because I thought I HAD to play ONE of then straight away but obviously not. GOOD SHOW!

  • You obviously got very close then Ken. Often there is no urgency to play cards onto the foundations. I tend to try and wait until I can introduce a valuable card into the tableau when I do so. I really like Corona. Should I ask Tom for a harder one? Same tableau, three cards at a time dealt from the stock, two or three re-deals. 😋

  • I played the first 400. Do you want me to list all my non-winning numbers for you and Larry?

  • I certainly do Ken. Thanks. Sending you an email in a jiffy. Film I just watched should appeal to you.

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    Before our previous forum was sacrificed to the FORUM GODS, I believe we collaborated on 1-50 previously (but if you want I can my post my losers again) but here are my losers from 51-100. But remember I'm Larry Lite (so to speak), I'm not as dogged as him. If I can't get it in three tries, I just move on. But at least I've taken out the easy ones for you so you don't have to waste your time on them.

    52, 55, 59, 63, 64, 66, 68, 76, 77, 78, 83, 84, 85, 88, 90-95, 99, 100

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    Thanks Ken.

    Your solitaire routine is commendable . I keep telling people that PGS is intended to be fun. It's for entertainment, so if you're stuck, by all means move on. Larry and myself have adopted a how dare you? attitude, and just have to persevere until we've exhausted every combination we can think of. That form of entertainment is certainly not for everyone. Larry is currently having a "hiatus". He grows enormous amounts of vegetables that need to be harvested, prepared and stored. If he sees your list and decides to participate, he'll be most welcome, but I won't disturb him meantime. I'll let you know re additional numbers when I've tackled this group. Thanks again. Have a butterfly as your reward

    It's a Red Admiral, the only one I've seen this year. I normally get quite a few, so fingers crossed they're just late.

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    Remember my suggestion of a more difficult Corona? Dismiss that as a moment of temporary insanity

  • I'm glad they're challenging for you! I'm not a complete wuss, then...

  • I've played most of them Ken, but only one winner so far. Not surprised you gave up on them.

  • Which one was the winner?

  • #90 obliged Ken.

  • In the old forum #1 and #10 were the only ones declared losers in the first 20. Go ahead and post the stats for #21-#50 and we can start to get a better idea of the possible winning rate with a larger set.

    I can add #93 from your list as winnable. Still trying to work out the best strategy for Corona (like when to create an empty space and fill from the waste).

    I will add a butterfly (Northern crescent - somewhat tattered - on Asclepias tuberosa).

  • Welcome to the party, Larry!

    22, 24, 25, 27, 30, 33, 34, 40, 42, 43, 45-48

  • Thanks, guys! I got both 90 and 93.

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