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Corona .... (Not the virus)



  • Here is #131 after I shovelled the spades into a different order. You dig? πŸ˜‰

  • I think we have established that Corona has >80% win rate. There are many more avenues to explore than in KOE, so there are probably some that we haven't discovered.

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    I agree Larry. Would you are to select one?

    I think I'll give Ali Baba a try. Rate at 50% so getting 80% could be challenging. NO, forget Ali Baba.

  • I'm working my way through the Forty Thieves category. I thought that Crown could be a likely candidate at 40%. I played and won #1 and then saw the stats. I had 48 winners from the first 50. I then won the two I'd failed with previously. Not challenging enough for us.. The search continues.

  • My previous comment was that Corona has many more play options than KOE, so there are some of our "losers" that could be salvaged. Perhaps a future review would be warranted (with a fresh outlook).

  • I misunderstood your comment Larry. I do like Corona because of the number of options you can be faced with, however I think we have scraped the barrel clean with the current groups. I've attached notes to many of them as having blocks. Both cards of the same rank and suit appear in the stock and cannot be retrieved. I've played each of the other games several times and had ranked them from, probably, maybe, unlikely to impossible. Only the last group remains. You need to remember that Ken had taken many winners out of the picture and left the more difficult/impossible ones for us to try. Another group looks like a better option. Perhaps you could tackle the 500 - 550 group and I'll start at 551.

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    More losers: 448, 451

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    Just indoors for a quick coffee Ken. Don't fancy either of those. Greater planning required.

    Extended coffee break over. Neither one is winnable imho. πŸ˜“

  • I didn't think so!

  • Sounds like a plan, #500 awaits.

  • D4U DLI4me. I hope we get a good 1009 of winnable ones. (nascosto). Get your thinking caps on. ☺️

  • Not only do not they teach cursive anymore (at least in the US, I don't know about the UK?) but they don't teach Roman numerals anymore either. 500 for you and 501 for me.

  • Well done Ken. Did you get the 1009 part ? MIX.

  • Nope, you got me on that one.

  • πŸ˜‡

  • Actually 500 for you, 551 for me.

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    Ha. I didn't spot that Larry. You keep us right. ☺️

    Stuck on #555 (60/27) and #558 (58/20).

  • I can get 60/24 but no better on 555

  • Good effort Ken. 😊 I had a few scores in the same territory but never got past 60. You know what this means of course? I'm going to have to get 61 now. πŸ˜„

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    Much better luck on 558. 65/12 Bring it home, Richard!

    Still can't figure out how to load solutions. I had no problem in the old forum. I thought I would load something else

  • I just looked in here to report that I had improved my score to 62. Not a patch on yours though Ken. It that photo your screensaver? Is it there to remind you that you are currently a bit of one? πŸ˜† You anagram app.

    I presume you still know how to save solutions so the following will be based on that assumption.

    To be continued.

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    Select the paperclip below. I am strapped for time. Will return to it later unless you finish it first.

  • HOOORAY for two reasons: I won it and hopefully this upload works.

  • I'm just this minute back in Ken. Very well done. I was sure you must have been able to win it from the position you'd reached. Your upload works fine. I'm pleased that my instructions were of use. 😊

  • Richard, did you ever win 555? How about 559, 560, 562, and 570?

  • We thought you'd abandoned Corona Ken. Glad to be wrong. 😊

    #555 is a dead duck but the others have all been won.

  • NOPE! I'm still plugging away...

  • Did you finish the 400 set Ken? I think we last saw #451 as a loser.

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    BTW, the 500's are currently at 91/100 with 504, 510, 515, 517, 523, 541, 555, 592, and 600 unsolved (Richard had a 36 consecutive streak from 556 to 591)

  • Nope, not yet. You can blame Richard (doesn't everybody?). He asked for help for 558 (which I got) and I kept going with the 550's after that and I forgot to switch back until just now.

    My new losers are:






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