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Corona .... (Not the virus)



  • A difficult bunch Ken. I have brought one into the fold but the others will demand a bit of peace and quiet if I'm to convert any more. #460 is almost certainly winnable but a lot of forward thinking will be essential.

  • Correct about #460's potential.

  • #458 wanted to join.

  • Here's some more losers for you guys:








  • Thanks Ken. #464 has been rescued. The rain has gone off so I've no time to tackle any more unless it decides to come back on. 😊


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    #468 is winnable.


  • #470 can no longer be denied entry.

  • #475 can be added too.

  • There may be one more winnable one left in your set Ken.

  • FYI, I'm still working on Corona but after 475, I've had a win streak of 13 wins and counting!

  • OF COURSE you just knew this was going to happen after I posted the above. Try 489

  • You can't expect to win them all Ken. Even good players can't do that. 😆 I did clear an entre suit of diamonds though. Dead from the outset really. 4C and 3S awol.

  • What about 491: It looks like with both KC covering a low card that it's unwinnable. True?

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    Probably true. 43 with my first attempt.

    57 with my second.

    I've decided I'm not playing it again. This was my fourth and final attempt.

  • If you want a challenging game, you should play 492. After an hour of playing, I was THIS close to posting it for you but I finally won it.

  • I couldn't be worse than #491. Well done for winning that one Richard. Thanks Richard. Don't mention it Richard. 😁

  • Oh, you we're being coy, were you? I didn't realize that you had won it since the trumpets weren't blaring!😴

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    Ha. 😂 It was a very tough one. I did win your next suggestion too. Here's how I tackled it. The 6H was my target card. You did well to bring that one home.

    Speaking of Trumpets. I have watched Ep.1 of Spitting Image. I knew they'd do a number on DT, but you'd have to see this to believe it. I can send you or anyone else screenshots, but prior permission essential. British satire has always been pretty rough but these are something else entirely. 😅 I hope he tries to sue, but having this footage plastered across world media would finish him off forever.

    Update ......... Look in the Jokes Welcome thread and see if my links work.

  • Interesting how we both tackled 492. I tried numerous tactics and the end result was always 69/14. SOOO CLOSE yet so far away. The card that won it for me was introducing both QHs even to the detriment of lower cards.

  • That's how to tackle most games Ken. I get to the end tableau and try to identify what is causing the most damage, and which card I should try to introduce to fix the problem. That card will be determined by how you have played the deal. Sacrificial pawns occur a lot.

  • How about 495? I can get it to 62/16

  • Awake at stupid o'clock again Ken ! Problem?

  • You did not arrive at that score quickly Ken. That's for certain. There are so many problems that have to be addressed. Those 5H's in particular. I am far from well today, so an easier one would have been appreciated. 😊 I've been in the right neck of the woods a few times. Currently at 58/17 and I think I can see how I could improve that. Keep neglecting to save partials. That's not helped. Have this one saved though. The quest continues.

  • Glad to know that I'm not the only one that has problems with it. As to why I was up at that ungodly hour, it's cool here now so I had the windows open and of course all the drunken people pass by my window yelling, screaming and singing. (Something you never done I'm sure!)

  • No social distancing?

    All pubs and restaurants across central Scotland are to be closed under new measures aimed at tackling a surge in coronavirus cases.

    The new rules will apply to licensed premises across the central belt, including Glasgow and Edinburgh. Pubs and restaurants will be able to open in other parts of Scotland - but can only serve alcohol outdoors.

    This doesn't affect me at all as I have always been tea total.

    Could you post your partial and see if it gives me any inspiration? Thanks.

  • file:///C:/Users/Owner/Desktop/Corona_495.partial

  • Maybe because I'm tired from not getting any sleep but I can't get my partial uploaded and the way you posted last week doesn't work.

  • If this works, it's a miracle!

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